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Verification of the heat transfer model for screw reactor

... for screw reactor // MATEC Web of Conferences. Vol.240. ID: 05017. 2018. DOI: 10.1051/matecconf/201824005017 At present, the screw reactor pyrolysis is a promising and rapidly developing technology, because it helps obtain the end product, which is charcoal, tar, and synthesis gas. Additionally, pyrolysis can be considered as a preliminary stage for making the charcoal of the preset conversion for its further gasification when obtaining coal-derived gas. This research aims at establishing relationships ...

Теги: charcoal , computer software , heat transfer , momentum transfer , pyrolysis , screws , sintering , comprehensive research , comsol multiphysics , full-scale experiment , heat transfer model , operational parame
CFD-Modeling of the Multistage Gasifier Capacity of 30 KW

... and generating power plant. At this stage, the yield of volatile products (gas and tar) of fuel. In the second step, the layer of fuel is, the tar is decomposed by the action of hot air and steam, steam-gas mixture is formed further reacts with the charcoal in the third process stage. The paper presents a model developed by the authors of the multi-stage gasifier for wood chips. The model is made with the use of CFD-modeling software package (COMSOL Multiphisics). To describe the kinetics of wood ...

Теги: charcoal , fuels , gases , gasification , pyrolysis , tar , thermoanalysis , wood products , detailed kinetics , fuel gasification , gasification process , gasification technologies , simultaneous thermal analysi


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