Effects Of The Adoption Of Renewable Energy Sources Within The “Baikal-Khövsgöl” Cross-Border Recreation Area

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Ivanova I.Y., Shakirov V.A., Khalgaeva N.A.
Energy Systems Research. Vol.2. No.3. P.11-20.
The study provides an analysis of the current state of the power supply system within the “Baikal-Khövsgöl” cross-border recreation area, which stands for the area spanning from the southern part of Lake Baikal to Lake Khövsgöl through the Republic of Buryatia (Tunkinsky and Okinsky districts). There are a fairly large number of consumers connected to the end sections of transmission lines, as well as decentralized consumers in the area in question. The operating parameters of the power grid were evaluated in terms of a prospective increase in electrical loads. To ensure reliable power supply to consumers and compliance with the requirements of GOST R 32144-2013 with regard to voltage deviations, the feasibility of using renewable energy sources was investigated. Given the geographical location and the presence of special areas of conservation, the use of renewable energy is a strategic area of Russian-Mongolian cooperation. The wind energy and solar energy potential in the “Baikal-Khövsgöl” cross-border recreation area was assessed using the NASA POWER project datasets. A comparative analysis of the financial viability of solar power plants, wind power plants, and small HPPs was made for the conditions of this geographical area. Calculations of the power grid operating parameters were carried out to determine the sites for installation and installed capacity of renewable energy sources, taking into account the prospects for the growth of electrical loads.

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Ivanova I.Y.,  Shakirov  V.A., Khalgaeva N.A. Effects Of The Adoption Of Renewable Energy Sources Within The “Baikal-Khövsgöl” Cross-Border Recreation Area // Energy Systems Research. Vol.2. No.3. 2019. P.11-20. DOI: 10.25729/esr.2019.03.0002


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