Optimum load distribution between heat sources based on the Cournot model

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Penkovsky A.V., Stennikov V.A., Khamisov O.O.
Thermal Engineering . Vol.62. No.8. P.598-606.
One of the widespread models of the heat supply of consumers, which is represented in the “Single
buyer” format, is considered. The methodological base proposed for its description and investigation presents
the use of principles of the theory of games, basic propositions of microeconomics, and models and methods
of the theory of hydraulic circuits. The original mathematical model of the heat supply system operating
under conditions of the “Single buyer” organizational structure provides the derivation of a solution satisfying
the market Nash equilibrium. The distinctive feature of the developed mathematical model is that, along with
problems solved traditionally within the bounds of bilateral relations of heat energy sources–heat consumer,
it considers a network component with its inherent physicotechnical properties of the heat network and busi
ness factors connected with costs of the production and transportation of heat energy. This approach gives the
possibility to determine optimum levels of load of heat energy sources. These levels provide the given heat
energy demand of consumers subject to the maximum profit earning of heat energy sources and the fulfill
ment of conditions for formation of minimum heat network costs for a specified time. The practical realiza
tion of the search of market equilibrium is considered by the example of a heat supply system with two heat
energy sources operating on integrated heat networks. The mathematical approach to the solution search is
represented in the graphical form and illustrates computations based on the stepwise iteration procedure for
optimization of levels of loading of heat energy sources (groping procedure by Cournot) with the correspond
ing computation of the heat energy price for consumers.

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Penkovsky A.V., Stennikov V.A., Khamisov O.O. Optimum load distribution between heat sources based on the Cournot model // Thermal Engineering . Vol.62. No.8. 2015. P.598-606. DOI: 10.1134/S0040601515080054 http://link.springer.com/article/10.1134%2FS0040601515080054#page-1


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Optimum load distribution between heat sources based on the Cournot model