Cyber Resilience Analysis of Electric Power System for State Estimation

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Gurina L.
Shaposhnikov S.; Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University �LETI�, Prof. Popov Str. 5, Saint Pete
IEEE Xplore
2023 Seminar on Electrical Engineering, Automation & Control Systems, Theory and Practical Applications (EEACS)
The adoption of new information, intelligent and digital technologies makes us consider modern electric power systems (EPS) as cyber-physical systems with new structural characteristics and properties that enhance the interdependence of the information-communication and physical subsystems of the cyber-physical electric power system (CPPS). The paper emphasizes an in-crease in cyber-physical EPS vulnerability to internal and external disturbances, including cyberattacks. Low quality of information about the current state, due to the impact of cyberattacks, can be the reason for incorrect control actions and, as a result, process failures in the EPS. Therefore, to provide normal functioning of EPSs, it becomes relevant to study the resilience of the information communication subsystem to cyberattacks when estimating the EPS state. The semi-Markov processes are used to present a model de-scribing possible states of the information communication subsystem under cyberattacks. The findings indicate that the EPS state estimation methods used in detecting, suppressing/mitigating the consequences of cyberattacks can be instrumental for designing measures to increase EPS cyber resilience. © 2023 IEEE.

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Gurina L. Cyber Resilience Analysis of Electric Power System for State Estimation // IEEE Xplore. 2024. P.119-123. ISBN (print): 979-835035853-7. DOI: 10.1109/EEACS60421.2023.10397450