The optimization problems of CHP operation

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Kler A.M., Stepanova E.L., Maximov A.S.
International Conference on Problems of Thermal Physics and Power Engineering 2017, PTPPE 2017
Journal of Physics: Conference Series. Vol.891. No.1. ID: 012215.
The problem of enhancing energy and economic efficiency of CP is urgent indeed. One of the main methods for solving it is optimization of CP operation. To solve the optimization problems of CP operation, Energy Systems Institute, SB of RAS, has developed a software. The software makes it possible to make optimization calculations of CP operation. The software is based on the techniques and software tools of mathematical modeling and optimization of heat and power installations. Detailed mathematical models of new equipment have been developed in the work. They describe sufficiently accurately the processes that occur in the installations. The developed models include steam turbine models (based on the checking calculation) which take account of all steam turbine compartments and regeneration system. They also enable one to make calculations with regenerative heaters disconnected. The software for mathematical modeling of equipment and optimization of CP operation has been developed. It is based on the technique for optimization of CP operating conditions in the form of software tools and integrates them in the common user interface. The optimization of CP operation often generates the need to determine the minimum and maximum possible total useful electricity capacity of the plant at set heat loads of consumers, i.e. it is necessary to determine the interval on which the CP capacity may vary. The software has been applied to optimize the operating conditions of the Novo-Irkutskaya CP of JSC ""Irkutskenergo"". The efficiency of operating condition optimization and the possibility for determination of CP energy characteristics that are necessary for optimization of power system operation are shown. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.

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Kler A.M., Stepanova E.L., Maximov A.S. The optimization problems of CHP operation // Journal of Physics: Conference Series. Vol.891. No.1. ID: 012215. 2017. DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/891/1/012215


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