Methods of analysis of the power system security

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Osak A., Panasetsky D., Buzina E.
2018 Rudenko International Conference "Methodological Problems in Reliability Study of Large Energy Systems, RSES 2018"
E3S Web of Conferences. Vol.58. ID: 02018.
Increasing the intelligent level of the PS control systems caused by the implementation of Smart technologies changes the structure and the properties of PS and increases the importance of system reliability analysis. System reliability analysis includes two components - the balance analysis and the regime analysis. on the one hand, there are a large number of studies that assess the reliability of the power system examining various aspects and methods of solving this problem. In practice, the security analysis is limited by the calculations of power flows, static and dynamic stability for a number of forecast periods for the normal and repair circuits considering the most severe disturbances. The existing approach allows defining the requirements and adjusting emergency control systems, but does not allow evaluating and comparing solutions for power grid constructions. The authors propose a new method for power system reliability evaluation, which is suitable for planning development and operation of power systems. The method includes a general description of the algorithm which allows to compare various development scenarios, as well as to assess the reliability level of their implementation. © 2018 The Authors, published by EDP Sciences.

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Osak A., Panasetsky D., Buzina E. Methods of analysis of the power system security // E3S Web of Conferences. Vol.58. ID: 02018. 2018. DOI: 10.1051/e3sconf/20185802018


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