Видео «Plenary and Tutorial Lectures»

A. Antipin Saddle-point methods for solving therminal control problems with phase constraints

O. Burdakov A reduction of cardinality to comlementarity in sparse optimization

S. Dempe Solution of bilevel optimization problems using the KKT approach

A. Gasnikov Decentralized distributed optimization

M. Khachay Approximation algorithms for some generalizations of TSP

A. Kibzun Measurability of Optimal Strategies in the Stochastic Optimal Control Problem with Discrete Time

Yu. Kochetov Mathematical heuristics in combinatorial optimization problems

V. Mazalov Networking Games

A. Nazin Algorithms of Inertial Mirror Descent in Convex Optimization Problems

R. Niedermeier Multivariate Algorithmics: On Interactions with Heuristics

E. Nurminski Sharp Penalty Mapping Approach to Approximate Solution of Variational Inequalities

E. Nurminski Discrete-time Lyapunov Theory for Optimization Processes

S. Shary Interval Methods for Data Fitting under Inaccuracy and Uncertainty

V. Strusevich Nonlinear Programming Models of Power-Aware Scheduling and Cloud Computing

A. Vasin Energy markets: optimization of transport infrastructure

Russian Operations Research Society Session