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adequacy approximate solution assessment availability factor balance equations calculations capacity market capacity markets circuit theory cogeneration gas turbine unit cogeneration plants commerce comparative efficiencies competition computational experiment consistent constraint constraint theory continuous development convex problems cost functions cost of productions costs cuckoo search cuckoo search algorithms cuckoo searches data preparation decomposition design differential evolution distribution network distribution-systems district heating district heating system economic characteristics economic efficiency editorial efficiency of heat power equipment electric load flow electric power electric power grids electric power system (eps) electric power systems electric power systems (eps) electric power transmission electric power transmission networks energy characteristics energy development energy efficiency energy resources equilibrium estimation evolutionary algorithms expansion expansion planning extreme learning-machine feasible regions functions gas generation capacity global minima global minimum global optim global optimization problems grids groping procedure by cournot groping procedure by cournot librium heat energy market heat market heat supply heat supply system heat supply systems heating equipment hy hybrid hydraulic conditions indexes induced constraint inequality constrain information use intelligent integrated energy systems interior point interior point algorithm lagrangean relaxation large large-scale optimization liberalization linear programming load flow equations local search techniques loss reduction management markov random process mathematical modeling mathematical models monopolistic markets monopoly monte carlo methods multi-energy systems neural-network newton method newton-raphson method non-differentiable non-differentiable functions non-differentiable optimization numerical experiments numerical methods object-oriented databases operations research optimal development optimal operation optimal solutions optimization optimization approach optimization calculati optimization methods optimization problems photovoltaic generation piecewise concave and convex functions piecewise linear power markets power shortage power system model prosumer pumping plants pumps quadratic programming regression reliability renewable energy sources sectionalizing switches self-con self-concordant barrier smart powe solar buildings spanning tree steam turbines steam-turbine heating plant structural optimization systems theor tie switches two-level optimization univariate user interfaces waste-heat recovery wavelet transform wind power «single buyer» model гидравлический режим “single buyer” model

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Methods for optimization of time redundancy of prosumer in district heating systems

Postnikov I. Methods for optimization of time redundancy of prosumer in district heating systems // Energy Reports. Vol.6. 2020. P.214-220. DOI: 10.1016/j.egyr.2019.11.065 The paper deals with the problem of operating the reliability of prosumers as part of a district heating ...

Теги: availability factor , district heating system , intelligent integrated energy systems , markov random process , mathematical modeling , nodal reliability indices , optimization , prosumer , reliability , theor , district heating , heat storage , heating equipment , hy
Bi-level modeling of district heating systems with prosumers

....046 The paper deals with the actual problem of the functioning and development of district heating systems in the framework of the transition to intelligent energy, in which the active consumers (prosumers) holds the key place. The paper proposes an optimization mathematical model for management the operation of district heating systems taking into account prosumers based on the bi-level modeling method (bi-level programming). The proposed mathematical model allows taking into account the technical ...

Теги: bi-level programming , district heating system , heat sources , mathematical modeling , optimal development , optimization , prosumer , heating equipment , mathematical models , district heating
Investigation of the Efficiency of a Cogeneration Gas Turbine Unit with Heat Recovery of Flue Gases in the Far North

... the heat of the flue gases. The mathematical model of a cogeneration gas turbine unit has been developed to perform one design calculation in the nominal mode and several verification calculations in characteristic modes with different thermal loads. optimization calculations were carried out for climatic conditions of Yakutsk and different prices for fuel. The optimal design parameters of the equipment, the parameters of the working fluid and coolants at all points of the technological scheme, fuel ...

Теги: cogeneration gas turbine unit , efficiency of heat power equipment , mathematical modeling , optimization , utilization of the flue gases heat , waste-heat recovery , calculations , cogeneration plants , computer systems programming , costs , flue gases , flues , gas
Load-flow model of a multi-energy system

... energy development includes the creation of multi-energy systems (MES) with several energy carriers that are planned, designed and operated with essential coordination of their subsystems. When managing the development and functioning of such systems, optimization problems should be solved to minimize the cost of production, transmission and distribution of energy resources. Traditionally, the means of such minimization are the redistribution of the loads of generation sources, consumers and energy ...

Теги: energy resources , optimization , topology , balance equations , cost of productions , energy development , load flow equations , multi-energy systems , optimal solutions , optimization problems , transmission
Reconfiguration of Primary Distribution Network with Several Independent Power Sources

Golub I, Voitov O, Boloev E, Semenova L Reconfiguration of Primary Distribution Network with Several Independent Power Sources // IFAC PAPERSONLINE. Vol.52. No.4. 2019. P.437-442. DOI: 10.1016/j.ifacol.2019.08.249 We solve the problem of reconfiguration of a primary distribution network with feeders powered from several independent sources. A high-performance algorithm is applied to reconfigure the primary distribution network by the loss minimization criterion. The algorithm constructs the maximum...

Теги: distribution network , sectionalizing switches , tie switches , reconfiguration , spanning tree , renewable generation , distribution-systems , loss reduction , optimization
Application the differential evolution for solving the problem of minimizing the power shortage of electric power systems

... electric power systems // E3S Web of Conferences. Vol.114. ID: 03002. 2019. DOI: 10.1051/e3sconf/201911403002 Based on the experience of domestic and foreign researchers, it is known that there are various mathematical models, software systems, and optimization methods used to solve the set tasks for assessing the resource adequacy of electric power systems (EPS). However, the continuous development of EPS leads to the complication and integration of systems against the background of which it becomes ...

Теги: energy system , heuristic methods , optimization methods , power shortage , resource adequacy , electric power systems , evolutionary algorithms , numerical methods , optimization , continuous development , differential evolution , electric power systems (eps) , ener
An optimization approach to finding roots of systems of nonlinear equations

Khamisov O., Kolosnitsyn A. An optimization approach to finding roots of systems of nonlinear equations // IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering. Vol.537. No.4. ID: 042007. 2019. DOI: 10.1088/1757-899X/537/4/042007 We describe and test an approach to finding roots ...

Теги: optimization , computational experiment , local search techniques , nonconvex optimization problem , optimization approach , optimization problems , stationary points , system of nonlinear equations , systems
Integration of the storage battery categorization process into the task of optimizing the equipment of stand7alone energy systems with renewable energy sources [ИНТЕГРAЦИЯ ПРОЦЕCCA КAТЕГОРИЗAЦИИ ЭЛЕКРОХИМИЧЕCКИХ НAКОПИТЕЛЕЙ ЭНЕРГИИ В ЗAДAЧУ ОПТИМИЗAЦИИ CО

... relationship between generation equipment and the total storage battery capacity. An analysis of the research findings was made, followed by ap/ propriate conclusions, their visual representation and assessment of their reliability and potential use in optimization/focused research on stand/alone energy systems. © 2019 Tomsk Polytechnic University, Publishing House. All rights reserved. входит

Теги: battery storage categorization , battery storage degradation , optimization , renewable energy sources , system studies
Unified heat supply organization: Mathematical modeling and calculation

Penkovskii A., Stennikov V., Postnikov I. Unified heat supply organization: Mathematical modeling and calculation // Energy Procedia. Vol.158. 2019. P.3439-3444. DOI: 10.1016/j.egypro.2019.01.930 Organizational model of the heat energy market on a unified heat supply organization is considered. An equilibrium mathematical model is proposed for the liberalized tariff setting conditions based on a microeconomic monopolistic market model. This mathematical model allows for taking into account energy...

Теги: equilibrium , heat market , heat supply system , liberalization , monopoly , optimization , commerce , phase equilibria , engineering constraints , heat supply systems , modeling and calculations , monopolistic markets , organizational modeling
Investigating the efficiency of a steam-turbine heating plant with a back-pressure steam turbine and waste-heat recovery

..., with waste heat recovery. The mathematical model of а steam-turbine heating plant has been developed to perform one design calculation in the nominal mode and several verification calculations in characteristic modes with different thermal loads. Optimization calculations of the unit were carried out for two regions with different climatic conditions and different fuel prices. The optimal design parameters of the equipment, the parameters of the working fluid and coolants at all points of the ...

Теги: steam-turbine heating plant , mathematical modeling , optimization , efficiency of heat power equipment , steam turbine with back pressure , waste-heat recovery


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