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abstracting analysis process application programs arrangement of operating conditions availability factor bi-level programming classical model coal industry cogeneration plants commerce competition component reliability computer software current problems decentralized heat supply different stages distributed heat sources district heating district heating system district heating systems economic benefits economic indicators economics economics - ussr effective heat supply radius efficiency energetics energy conserv energy resources - ussr experience of application failure and restoration rates gas industry graphical analysis graphical visualization heat density heat energy source heat networks heat prosumer heat storage heat supply heat supply system heat supply systems heating equipment heating mode heating period heating pricing hydraulic circuits hydraulic equipm hydraulic equipment hydraulic machinery i industrial organization integrated reliability parameter of component integrated systems investments joint operations life cycle market equilibria market equilibrium markov random process markov random processes mathematical modeling mathematical models methodical approach monopoly district heating market monopoly m nodal reliability indices non-ordinary and depending events nuclear energy - ussr optim optimal actions optimal flows optimal loading optimal operati optimal operating pipelin pipelines power plants - ussr probabilistic models problems of heat supply prosumer random processes rate of transition regional planning - ussr regulation reliability reliability analysis reliability analysis and optimization reliability ensuring reliability optimization reliability requirements software theoty time in unified electric power syste zoning источник тепла радиус эффективного теплоснабжения система теплоснабжения тепловые сети

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Melent'ev L.A. PRESENT-DAY SCIENTIFIC PROBLEMS IN ENERGETICS. // Power engineering New York. Vol.24. №4. 1986. P.1-9. Present-day scientific problems in energetics that follow from the USSR Energy Program and the probable energy situation in the first quarter of the 21st century are formulated. Specific goals are determined in various fields of energetics. нет

Теги: economics - ussr , energy resources - ussr , nuclear energy - ussr , power plants - ussr , regional planning - ussr , coal industry , district heating , energetics , gas industry , unified electric power syste
Optimization of reliability parameters structure for district heating systems

Postnikov I.V. Optimization of reliability parameters structure for district heating systems // E3S Web of Conferences. Vol.39. ID: 02002. 2018. DOI: 10.1051/e3sconf/201839012002 The problem of reliability parameters distribution on the district heating system's scheme is considered. This is one of important part of ...

Теги: component reliability , district heating system , failure and restoration rates , markov random process , nodal reliability indices , reliability optimization , district heating , heat storage , heating equipment , hydraulic equipment , hydraulic machinery , pipelin
Heat Supply Systems Development: The Influence of External Factors and Reliability

... show that the change of a fuel and electricity cost, heat power of system, temperature of the heat carrier, climatic conditions and requirements of reliability have significant effect on result of territory zoning by type of heat supply and scales of district heating systems.(C) 2017 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Ltd. входит

Теги: heat supply , heat density , district heating , heat networks , decentralized heat supply , zoning


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