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additional control advanced technology alternative fuels analysis and synthesis automotive fuels balance model branch-and-bound method capital investment coal coal industry combined cycle power plants combined cycle technology complex networks computation theory computational experiment computational process computational schemes computer modelling consumer security control actions costs decision making decision making process developed countries dimeth direct replacements district heating earnings economic analysis economic and social effects economic indicators economics electric power generation electric power transmission networks end-to-end models energy efficiency energy efficiency indicator energy intensity energy policy energy resources energy sector energy systems environmental technology ethers expanding business far north flowcharting fuel cost fuels gas technologies gas turbines gas-turbine equipments heat energy heat supply heat supply systems hot-water supply hybrid po hydraulic circuits hydraulic equipment hydraulic machinery hydraulic regimes identification problem independent parameters industry development information spaces initial information innovative solutions integer programming intermediate stage investment projects investments iterative calculation large level of detail liquid fuels liquids mathematical modeling method of adjustments methodological approach methods of optimization mineral resources mixed-integer programming mixer circuits mixing modeling softwares northern regions operational modes operational problems optimal actions optimal distri optimal flows optimization models parameter estimation pipe-line systems pipeline processing systems population variation priori pumping plants random processes reliability reliability requirements reversible processes sales scheduling steam turbines temperatur temperature conditions thermal power plants transport delay water supply water supply networks water supply systems wind power

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Competitiveness of Advanced Technologies for Production of Electricity and Alternative Liquid Fuels

... production within one energy-technology installation (ETI) are considered. The range of prices for alternative liquid fuel (ALF) produced by the installations, depending on the cost of consumed fuel, price of supplied electric power and level of capital investments, has been ascertained. The studies made suggest the conclusion that combined production of dimethyl ether is more efficient from the energy and economic viewpoints than methanol production. Besides, a certain level of oil prices was identified,...

Теги: alternative fuels , automotive fuels , costs , electric power generation , electric power transmission networks , ethers , investments , liquid fuels , liquids , advanced technology , capital investment , dimeth
Hybrid power source based on heat and wind power plants

Stennikov V.A., Penkovsky A.V., Postnikov I.V. Hybrid power source based on heat and wind power plants // MATEC Web of Conferences. Vol.212. ID: 02002. 2018. DOI: 10.1051/matecconf/201821202002 The technology of use of electric power of the wind power plants for direct replacement of fuel in the thermal cycles of the heat power plants is offered in the paper. The technology avoids solving the problems of ensuring the quality of electricity and the operational redundancy of the wind power in the...

Теги: environmental technology , gas turbines , investments , steam turbines , wind power , combined cycle technology , direct replacements , expanding business , gas technologies , gas-turbine equipments , hybrid po


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