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Optimizing the composition of measurements for identifying pipeline systemps

The task considered in the article is a constituent part of the problem of identifying pipeline systems, central to which is exerting an active effect on the conditions determining the accuracy with which the actual parameters of real systems are estimated, the knowledge of which is of key importance for efficient retrofitting, adjustment, and dispatch control. An algorithm invariant to possible problem statements is developed, which allows the global solution to be obtained within a finite and limited...

Теги: heat networks , active indentification , mathematical modeling , optimal planning
Раздел: ESI SB RAS
Optimal planning and processing of the results of tests for hydraulic and heat losses in heat systems

The approaches and algorithms proposed in the present study form the basis of a novel technology for identifying heat systems. This technology consists in actively influencing the conditions that determine the accuracy of estimation of the actual parameters of real systems whose knowledge renders it possible to solve efficiently the problems of modernization, checkout, and centralized control. The method presupposes a sequential planning strategy: each experiment is conducted with due consideration...

Теги: heat systems , active indentification , mathematical modeling , optimal planning
Раздел: ESI SB RAS
Estimating the energy saving potential from carring out adjustment works in heat supply systems on the basis of modeling their thermal-hydraulic operating models

An example of determining the economic effect from carrying out adjustment works based on the results of calculating the thermal-hydraulic operating modes of heat supply systems with the use of mathematical models implemented in the Angara information-and-computation system is presented. The models take into account the dynamic characteristics of operating modes, variation of meteorological conditions, disturbing and control inputs applied to the system, and the real cost spent for producing energy...

Теги: heat supply systems , mathematical modeling , dynamic thermal-hydravlic operating modes
Раздел: ESI SB RAS


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