The forecasting is based on a comprehensive methodology for development of energy strategies and programs, considering the following factors:

  • World energy trends 
  • State priorities
  • Regional specific features 
  • Economic interactions
  • Situation in the energy markets 
  • Technological development
  • Energy security 
  • Environmental constraints

The efficiency of the methodology has been confirmed by various developments including Energy strategy of Russia until 2030, forecast of world sustainable energy development, and regional energy strategies and programs that were formulated in collaboration with other organizations, and accepted for implementation by the Governments of the RF entities.

The implementation of energy strategies and programs on the basis of innovative projects makes it possible to provide effective and reliable energy supply in the regions, achieve the highest efficiency of investment in the sphere of fuel and energy supply, and increase the contribution of energy enterprises to the budgets of all levels.

Based on the results of long-term research the collective of authors was awarded the Prize of the RF Government in the field of Science and Technology in 2011.


  • Methods for complex optimization of the development of electric power and pipeline systems; 
  • Concepts and basics of intelligent operation and emergency control in electric power systems;
  • Methods and technologies for analysis of observability, state estimation, forecast of state variables, monitoring of power system operating conditions and their control;
  • Technology for multipurpose hierarchical modeling of pipeline systems for automation of decision making to control their operation;
  • Principles for construction of energy efficient heat supply systems on the basis of innovative technologies;
  • Methodological fundamentals and intelligent components of IT infrastructure for system research in the energy sector;
  • Theory and methods of global optimization.


  • Technology for thermodynamic modeling in the energy sector (Krzhizhanovsky Prize of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 2008 for a series of research works);
  • Methodology for optimization of the equipment operation at large industrial heating cogeneration power plants (Prize at the Regional Contest in the field of Science and Technology in 2008);
  • Methodology for optimization of generation equipment mix at oil and gas producing enterprises;
  • Research into the efficiency and application of high-tech energy plants with combined production of electricity and synthetic liquid fuel: methanol and dimethyl ether;
  • Thermodynamic analysis of entrained flow gasification of water-coal fuel and physical limitations on control of gasification processes of low-grade solid fuels;
  • Experimental research into the propagation of small pressure perturbations in two-phase liquid-vapor flow in pebble bed.