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Modeling a Solar Power Plant with Regard to Changes in Environmental Parameters

... provisions of energy system studies, a number of requirements for the proposed approach were formed. An algorithm for calculating the operating parameters of photovoltaic converters, such as output current, voltage, active power, efficiency, and operating temperature, is described. In calculating the operating temperature of the converter, the Koehl correlation coefficients are used to account for additional cooling due to on-ground wind flow. The study also presents the numerical values of the necessary ...

Теги: efficiency , environmental parameters , grid inverters , operating parameters , renewable energy sources , solar panels , solar radiation , parameter estimation , power converters , temperature , climatic conditions , correlation coefficient , economic efficiency , en
Estimation of methane hydrates dissociation kinetic coefficients at T < 273 K

....Y. Estimation of methane hydrates dissociation kinetic coefficients at T < 273 K // Journal of Physics: Conference Series. Vol.1565. No.1. ID: 012102. 2020. 7 p. DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/1565/1/012102 To simulate and optimize the processes of low-temperature processing of methane hydrate, it is necessary to obtain appropriate information on the kinetic coefficient of the dissociation process. Excluding self-preservation in the analysis of experimental data, general patterns can be distinguished,...

Теги: activation analysis , activation energy , dissociation , hydration , kinetics , methane , temperature , dissociation kinetics , dissociation process , general patterns , kinetic coefficient , low temperature pro
Influence of Coal-Biomass Fuel Composition on the Efficiency of its Conversion in Entrained-Flow Gasifiers

... mathematical modelling. The calculated dependences of the process characteristics on the control parameters (such as fuel composition, gasification agent composition and the stoichiometric ratio) are obtained. For the linear dependence of the ash melting temperature on its composition, the regions of parameters in which the process is technologically feasible are highlighted. The effect of temperature limitations on the efficiency of the gasification process is estimated. © 2019, Allerton Press, Inc....

Теги: biomass , coal , entrained flow , gasification , mathematical modeling , efficiency , mathematical models , temperature , control parameters , effect of temperature , entrained flow gasifiers , fuel compositions , gasification process , process


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