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A polytropic model of a critical two-phase flow in a bed of spherical particles

... Conferences. Vol.115. 2017. 4 p. DOI: 10.1051/matecconf/201711505007 https://www.matec-conferences.org/articles/matecconf/pdf/2017/29/matecconf_sts2017_05007.pdf The paper is concerned with a model of isenthalpic flow of vapor-water mixture in a fixed bed of solid particles. The mixture expansion process is considered to be polytropic. Similarly to the known problem of gas dynamics of a granular bed we obtained the relationships for calculation of a critical mass velocity. The results of the calculation based ...

Теги: mixtures , critical mass , critical two-phase flows , expansion process , granular beds , polytropic model , solid particles , spherical particle , theoretical modeling , packed beds


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