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Optimization of the composition of the structure of heat sources as applied to the problems of the development of heating systems

... arising at these stages and to reconcile them with each other. We provide a brief overview of the the available software package that we propose to integrate into the process of solving and we underline the complex nature of the interaction of individual software components between each other. The authors propose an approach in the form of the computational experiment setup that enables to consistently coordinate computational procedures with each other. The approach is based on the concept of the energy ...

Теги: automation , heating equipment , automated information , automated systems , computational experiment , computational procedures , maximum redundancies , multiple stages , software component , software impleme
An Architecture of the Technology Platform for Computer Modeling, Design, and Optimization of Intelligent Integrated Energy Systems

... optimization of intelligent integrated energy systems. The platform architecture includes the following components: platform structure, composition of its systems and approaches to the interaction between these systems, basic structure of the library of software components, their interfaces and mechanisms of integration into the platform, and system of ontologies. The proposed architecture of the technology platform provides a solution to the problems of control of the intelligent integrated energy systems ...

Теги: architecture of the technology platform , intelligent integrated energy systems , metaprogramming , model-driven engineering , ontology , software component , computer architecture , computer software reusability , integrated energy systems , meta programming , tec


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