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Thermal analysis of wood fuel pyrolysis process

Khudyakova G.I., Kozlov A.N., Svishchev D.A., Penzik M.V. Thermal analysis of wood fuel pyrolysis process // Journal of Physics: Conference Series. Vol.1128. No.1. ID: 012080. 2018. DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/1128/1/012080 The paper presents the results of studies of conversion process on the laboratory pyrolysis reactor and the results are ...

Теги: bioconversion , chemical reactors , data handling , fuels , hydrodynamics , pyrolysis , reaction rates , thermoanalysis , conversion process , device operations , experimental modes , kinetic coefficient , model
Verification of the heat transfer model for screw reactor

Levin A., Kozlov A., Svishchev D., Penzik M. Verification of the heat transfer model for screw reactor // MATEC Web of Conferences. Vol.240. ID: 05017. 2018. DOI: 10.1051/matecconf/201824005017 At present, the screw reactor pyrolysis is a promising and rapidly developing technology, because it helps obtain the end product, which is charcoal, tar, and synthesis gas. Additionally, pyrolysis can be considered as a preliminary stage for making the charcoal of the preset conversion ...

Теги: charcoal , computer software , heat transfer , momentum transfer , pyrolysis , screws , sintering , comprehensive research , comsol multiphysics , full-scale experiment , heat transfer model , operational parame
Verification of the stage scheme of low-grade solid fuel gasification

... Kozlov A.N. Verification of the stage scheme of low-grade solid fuel gasification // Journal of Physics: Conference Series. Vol.1128. No.1. ID: 012071. 2018. DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/1128/1/012071 This paper considers development of the model of wood pyrolysis in a screw reactor as the first stage of the multistage gasification process. To prevent clinkering of particles and thermal inhomogeneities, screw-type transportation is used to transport fuel. In order to describe kinetics of pyrolysis and ...

Теги: fuels , gasification , hydrodynamics , pyrolysis , thermoanalysis , comsol multiphysics , gasification process , inhomogeneities , kinetics of pyrolysis , operating parameters , pyrolysis process , transport fue
CFD-Modeling of the Multistage Gasifier Capacity of 30 KW

... which was a significant improvement in their performance becomes impossible and unprofitable. The most fully meet modern technical requirements of multistage gasification technology. In the first step of the process, is organized allothermic biomass pyrolysis using heat of exhaust gas and generating power plant. At this stage, the yield of volatile products (gas and tar) of fuel. In the second step, the layer of fuel is, the tar is decomposed by the action of hot air and steam, steam-gas mixture ...

Теги: charcoal , fuels , gases , gasification , pyrolysis , tar , thermoanalysis , wood products , detailed kinetics , fuel gasification , gasification process , gasification technologies , simultaneous thermal analysi
Numerical investigation of the staged gasification of wet wood

... enables certain disadvantages of conventional processes to be avoided. One of the previously proposed staged processes is investigated in this paper. For this purpose, mathematical models were developed for individual stages of the process, such as pyrolysis, pyrolysis gas combustion, and semicoke gasification. The effect of controlling parameters on the efficiency of fuel conversion into combustible gases is studied numerically using these models. For the controlling parameter are selected heat ...

Теги: regime maps , staged gasification , wood biomass. mathematical modeling , agricultural wastes , biomass , combustion , cracking (chemical) , drying , efficiency , pyrolysis , thermodynamic stability , waste incineration , wood , alternative technologies , controlling p


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