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Mathematical modelling of the agglomeration in a reactive porous medium with variable permeability

... When processing low-grade fuels, such as waste and biomass, the problems associated with bed agglomeration often arise. In this work, one of the variants of the agglomeration model is proposed, in which local permeability decreases as a result of the physicochemical process caused by heating, and the agglomeration centers (particles of the melting material) are randomly distributed in a two-dimensional porous medium. A relatively simple model allows the study of the development of thermohydrodynamic ...

Теги: melting , porous materials , agglomeration model , bed agglomeration , hydraulic resistances , local permeabilities , melting materials , physicochemical process , randomly distributed , variable permeability
Thermodynamic analysis of environmental problems of energy

Kaganovich B.M., Zarodnyuk M.S., Yakshin S.V. Thermodynamic analysis of environmental problems of energy // MATEC Web of Conferences. Vol.115. 2017. DOI: 10.1051/matecconf/201711506009 The paper discusses the problems of the ecological analysis of physicochemical processes in power units and the impact of energy systems on the nature in large territorial regions. The model of extreme intermediate states developed at the Energy Systems Institute based on the principles of classical equilibrium thermodynamics ...

Теги: thermodynamics , ecological analysis , energy systems , environmental problems , equilibrium thermodynamics , further works , model of extreme intermediate state , physicochemical process , thermo dynamic ana


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