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Energy Resilience Assessment in the Period of Transition to Sustainable Energy

.... 2019. ISBN (print): 9781538695357. DOI: 10.1109/FarEastCon.2018.8602622 The resilience of energy systems has become one of the key factors ensuring the reliability and security of energy supplies in the world. While Russia possesses large oil and natural gas reserves together with a large energy industry, it is still crucial for the Russian energy system to be able to adapt to new conditions and occurring stressful events to continue its functioning. This article surveys the resilience metrics,...

Теги: adaptability , energy security , energy systems , resilience , sustainable energy , energy conservation , energy conversion , natural gas , natural gasoline plants , proven reserves , energy conversion technologies , fundamental changes , oil and natural gas , r
Mathematical Modeling and Optimization of Gaseous Fuel Processing as a Basic Technology for Long-distance Energy Transportation: The Use of Methanol and Dimethyl Ether as Energy Carriers

... Transportation: The Use of Methanol and Dimethyl Ether as Energy Carriers // Journal of Physics: Conference Series. Vol.891. No.1. ID: 012121. 2017. DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/891/1/012121 The paper presents the results of studies on the perspective technologies of natural gas conversion to synthetic liquid fuel (SLF) at energy-technology installations for combined production of SLF and electricity based on their detailed mathematical models. The technologies of the long-distance transport of energy of natural gas ...

Теги: fuels , natural gas , dimethyl ethers , energy carriers , energy technologies , energy transportation , long-distance transport , modeling and optimization , natural gas conversion , synthetic liquid fuels , na


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