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Optimization of transmission capacity of energy water pipeline networks with a tree-shaped configuration and multiple sources

... composition of its equipment is proposed. A method for modeling of the branch that enables one to flexibly alter the configuration of the branch in the process of running the optimization algorithm without changing the network topology is presented. The mathematical statement of the problem is formulated as the discrete-continuous optimization problem. This statement is based on the proposed methods of representing the network model and its elements. An algorithm based on dynamic programming is proposed,...

Теги: algorithm , dynamic programming , network optimization , pipeline diameters , pipeline networks , pumps , forestry , pipelines , water pipelines , computational procedures , continuous optimization problems , installation site , mathematical statement , optimization a
An approach to design of an intelligent heating system

....1051/e3sconf/20183903006 At present, there is a growing need to solve the design problem of the hydraulic circuit of an intelligent heating system with the required transmission capacity, hydraulic stability and reliability indices. The paper proposes a mathematical statement of the design problem of such a hydraulic circuit and an original methodological approach to solve it by decomposing a general complex problem into several simpler ones (of a smaller dimensionality). The proposed approach makes ...

Теги: heating equipment , hydraulic machinery , pipelines , problem solving , complex problems , computational procedures , design problems , hydraulic circuits , hydraulic stability , mathematical statement , method


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