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absolute total electron content adaptive control des adaptive control systems adequacy assessment agent model agent modeling aggregation rules artificial intelligence b backpropagation classification classification (of information) clustering algorithms computational efficiency concept drift concept drifts control control engineering decision making decision tree decision trees deep learning deep learning. different layers editorial efficiency elec electric machinery electric power system electric power system interconnection electric power systems electric power systems (eps) emergency automatics empiri energy storage energy systems ensemble learning flexibility forecasting forecasting modeling forecasting models forecasting problems fuzzy clustering gradient boosting gru image analysis inherent characteristics integral equations intelligent agents intelligent computing inverse problem isolated hybrid power systems l-index learning algorithms learning systems least squares approximations linearization lstm mac machine learning mimo control mimo systems modelling framework monte carlo method multi-agent system neural netwo neural networks nowcasting number theory numerical methods online systems operational flexibility operations research optimal solutions optimisation optimization pitch control pollution power system power system security power systems power systems mathematical modeling and control problem solving random forest random forests random number generation regression analysis reinforcement learning russian aca security software agents software reliability stochastic systems support vector mach support vector machine support vector machines svm torque control tradit value engineering volt-var control voltage collapse voltage regulators wind wind power wind power: wind speed: t–s fuzzy model: forecasting wind ramp prediction wind turbine wind turbines машинное обучение метод монте-карло оценка надежности электроэнергетические системы

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A Suite of Intelligent Tools for Early Detection and Prevention of Blackouts in Power Interconnections

... and Prevention of Blackouts in Power Interconnections // Automation and Remote Control. Vol.79. No.10. 2018. P.1741-1755. DOI: 10.1134/S0005117918100016 We propose a suite of intelligent tools based on the integration of methods of agent modeling and machine learning for the improvement of protection systems and emergency automatics. We propose an online approach to the assessment and management of dynamic security of electric power systems (EPS) with the use of a streaming modification of the random ...

Теги: agent modeling , electric power systems , emergency automatics , l-index , machine learning , voltage collapse , artificial intelligence , decision trees , electric power system interconnection , learning systems , online systems , software agents , agent model , elec
Selecting the key control parameters for the ionospheric total electron content nowcasting

... dynamics of ionospheric parameters is an actual and at the same time rather complicated task. One of the main issues is the selection of control parameters for constructing accurate predictive model (feature selection). The approach is based on the machine learning technology for this problem solution. The vertical absolute total electron content (TEC) with a time resolution of 30 minutes is used as experimental data. The data were obtained using phase and group measurements of TEC at the mid-latitude ...

Теги: absolute total electron content , gradient boosting , machine learning , nowcasting , random forest , support vector machine
Editorial for special issue on methods of optimization and their applications

... Russian Academy of Sciences from July 31 to August 6, 2017. This special issue contains some extended talks of the school-seminar, highlighting theoretical and applied results aimed to show the use of the state-of-the-art operations research methods and machine learning technologies in various applications. © 2018 [International Journal of Artificial Intelligence]. нет

Теги: editorial , machine learning , operations research , optimization
Machine learning in electric power systems adequacy assessment using Monte-Carlo method

Boyarkin D.., Krupenev D.S., Iakubovskiy D.., Sidorov D.N. Machine learning in electric power systems adequacy assessment using Monte-Carlo method // Proceedings - 2017 International Multi-Conference on Engineering, Computer and Information Sciences, SIBIRCON 2017. ID: 8109871. P.201-205. ISBN (print): 9781538615966....

Теги: adequacy assessment , electric power systems , machine learning , monte carlo method , random forest , support vector machine , artificial intelligence , computational efficiency , decision trees , efficiency , learning systems , problem solving , support vector mach
Random forest based approach for concept drift handling

Zhukov A.V., Sidorov D.N., Foley A.M. Random forest based approach for concept drift handling // Communications in Computer and Information Science. Vol.661. 2017. P.69-77. ISBN (print): 978-3-319-52920-2; 978-3-319-52919-6. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-52920-2_7 Concept drift has potential in smart grid analysis because the socio-economic behaviour of consumers is not governed by the laws of physics. Likewise there are also applications in wind power forecasting. In this paper we present decision tree...

Теги: machine learning , decision tree , concept drift , ensemble learning , classification , random forest , classification (of information) , decision trees , image analysis , learning algorithms , learning systems , wind power , aggregation rules , concept drifts , empiri
Editorial for special issue on methods of optimisation and their applications

... Russian Academy of Sciences from June 30 July 6 in 2014. In this special issue, we have invited the contributors to this event to expand on their presentations and highlight theoretical results in the field and to demonstrate the use of optimisation and machine learning methods in variour applications. нет

Теги: editorial , optimisation , machine learning


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