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Simulation approach to integrated energy systems study based on energy hub concept

Voropai N., Ukolova E., Gerasimov D., Suslov K., Lombardi P., Komarnicki P. Simulation approach to integrated energy systems study based on energy hub concept // 2019 IEEE Milan PowerTech, PowerTech 2019. ID: 8810666. ISBN (print): 9781538647226. DOI: 10.1109/PTC.2019.8810666 Integrated multi-energy systems give good possibilities to have high effectiveness ...

Теги: energy hub , illustration results , integrated multi-energy systems , simulation experiments , simulation model , energy hub modeling , energy hubs , integrated energy systems , model and simulation , multi carrier systems , multi-energy systems , matlab
Research on the resilience of the intelligent integrated energy systems

Barakhtenko E.A., Sokolov D.V., Edelev A.V., Gorsky S.A. Research on the resilience of the intelligent integrated energy systems // CEUR Workshop Proceedings. Vol.2430. 2019. P.6-14. http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-2430/paper1.pdf The paper addresses the research of intelligent integrated energy systems resilience that is the system ability to withstand large ...

Теги: control systems , energy shortages , energy systems , integrated energy systems , large disturbance , distributed computer systems
Methodological principles of constructing the integrated energy supply systems and their technological architecture

... increasing and permanently transformed requirements of consumers (level of comfort, technological innovations in production and household, increase in diversity and power of energy loads, radical changes in their properties, etc.). These systems represent integrated energy systems characterized by a multi-dimensional structure of functional features and properties of expansion. They combine a great number of components, intelligence, efficiency, reliability, controllability, flexible application of technologies ...

Теги: heating , energy supply system , flexible applications , integrated energy systems , multi-dimensional structure , number of components , technological architectures , technological infrastructure , technolog
Modeling of Integrated Energy Supply Systems: Main Principles, Model, and Applications

....143. No.5. 2017. P.1-11. DOI: 10.1061/(ASCE)EY.1943-7897.0000443 Energy systems including electricity, heat/cooling, and gas supply systems represent a very important part of the infrastructure in Russia. This paper presents a general framework of integrated energy systems. Elements of the concept of integrated energy systems are suggested. The explanation of the concept elements is given as a three-layer structure of integrated energy systems in three dimensions. The problems of integrated control ...

Теги: integrated energy systems , mathematical modeling , critical infrastructures , elements of concept , case studies , optimal power-flow , optimal operation , combined heat , management , network , hubs , optimization , carriers , grids , gas


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