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Technology of Thermal Preparation of Coal for Ecologically Pure Combustion of Fuel in Small Boilers

... problems of ecologically clean coal combustion are connected with the need to reduce the formation of pollutants to the environment during thermal transformation of fuel. Currently, about 180-190 million tons of coal are burned in Russia to produce heat and electricity, with more than 60% in the eastern regions of the country. Most of the coal (about 80%) is consumed by large thermal stations, which are equipped with pollutant trapping systems. The remaining part is burned in numerous boiler houses ...

Теги: boilers , coal , coal industry , fuels , heating , pollution , energy productions , fully automated , heat and electricity , pollutant trapping , pretreatment technology , thermal stations , thermal transformatio
Influence of internal relative efficiency of steam turbine compartments on the performance of steam turbine cogeneration plant

... DOI: 10.1051/e3sconf/20186902006 The paper considers a steam turbine cogeneration plant that includes a back-pressure steam turbine and a natural gas-fired steam boiler that enables exhaust gas heat recovery, which is rather promising for the isolated heat and electricity consumers. A design and verification mathematical model of the steam turbine plant was developed. The focus is made on the optimization studies into the effect of the relative efficiency of turbine compartments on the performance ...

Теги: boilers , cogeneration plants , electric power transmission networks , natural gasoline plants , smart power grids , steam , waste heat , back pressures , combustion products , heat and electricity , optimizati


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