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abstract only active powe artificial intelligence automotive fuels autonomous energy systems chronological method. clustering algorithms comparative effectiveness competitiveness computer simulation cyber-physical systems decision making decision supports deep learning deep learning. demand developed economies distributed generation dynamic state estimation eastern regions economic analysis economic development economic growths economic variables economics economy efficiency increase electric automobiles electric car electric cars electric lines electric power generation electric power systems electric power transmission networks electric power utilization electric utilities electricity intensities energy balance energy conservation energy consumption energy demand energy demands energy development program energy infrastructure development forecasting energy infrastructures energy intensity energy management energy management system energy policy energy projections energy resources energy sector energy storage energy systems energy utilization estimation program expert decision support expert knowledge forecast forecasting forecasting models forecasting problems freight transportation fuel and energy sector fuzzy c-means (fcm) global trends gru households hybrid ac/dc power system hybrid approach industrial mathematics integral equations intelligent computing intelligent control intelligent info international energy agency intersystem inverse problems isolated hybrid power systems knowledge management lakes learning algorithms least squares approximations long-term forecasting long-term tre longterm trends lstm machine learning manufacture measurements model modeling models motor fuel national economy neural netwo neural networks numerical methods of on-line controls operation constraint optimal resu optimiz p per capita perspective pollution population statistics power plants power systems power systems mathematical modeling and control real time recursive least squares method (rls) regional markets regions of russia renewable energy source retrospective analysis risks road transport roads and streets service industri signal processing solar radiation state estimation state estimators state variables statistical methods support vector machines svm t-s fuzzy model total transfer c transport uncertainty volterra models water resources wind wind effects wind energy potential wind power wind power forecasting wind ramp prediction инвестиционные риски моделирование неопределенность прогнозирование риски сравнительная эффективность экономика электростанции энергетика

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Machine learning for energy systems

Sidorov D., Liu F., Sun Y. Machine learning for energy systems // Energies. Vol.13. No.18. ID: 4708. 2020. DOI: 10.3390/en13184708 [No abstract available] входит

Теги: artificial intelligence , cyber-physical systems , energy management system , energy storage , energy systems , forecasting , industrial mathematics , intelligent control , inverse problems , load leveling , of
Economy energy intensity: Global trends

Galperova E., Mazurova O., Steklova S. Economy energy intensity: Global trends // Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies. Vol.172. 2020. P.251-257. ISBN (print): 9789811522437. DOI: 10.1007/978-981-15-2244-4_23 The relevance of this paper is due to the importance of projecting the demand for energy commodities when studying the available options of the development of Russia’s energy industry that would prove feasible in the long run. To arrive at prospective target levels of energy consumption...

Теги: energy consumption , energy demand , energy intensity , energy projections , forecasting , global trends , energy policy , energy utilization , population statistics , developed economies , environmental requirement , international energy agency , national economy , p
Toward zero-emission hybrid AC/DC power systems with renewable energy sources and storages: A case study from Lake Baikal region

Sidorov D., Panasetsky D., Tomin N., Karamov D., Zhukov A., Muftahov I., Dreglea A., Liu F., Li Y. Toward zero-emission hybrid AC/DC power systems with renewable energy sources and storages: A case study from Lake Baikal region // Energies. Vol.13. No.5. ID: 1226. 2020. DOI: 10.3390/en13051226 Tourism development in ecologically vulnerable areas like the lake Baikal region in Eastern Siberia is a challenging problem. To this end, the dynamical models of AC/DC hybrid isolated power system consisting...

Теги: forecasting , hybrid ac/dc power system , machine learning , renewable energy source , stochastic optimization , volterra models , deep learning , electric power generation , electric power transmission networks , energy storage , integral equations , lakes , optimiz
An energy efficiency forecast for the economy of Irkutsk region

Muzychuk S.Yu., Muzychuk R.I. An energy efficiency forecast for the economy of Irkutsk region // IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science. Vol.408. №1. ID: 012046. 2020. DOI: 10.1088/1755-1315/408/1/012046 The energy efficiency of the Russian economy lags far behind that in the developed countries of the world. The enhancement of the energy efficiency and, first of all, the energy saving, is the source that can provide an additional economic growth through organizational and technical...

Теги: economic analysis , energy balance , energy policy , forecasting , statistical methods , water resources , developed countries , economic development , economic growths , efficiency increase , energy efficiency
Recurrent Neural Networks Application to Forecasting with Two Cases: Load and Pollution

Tao Q., Liu F., Sidorov D. Recurrent Neural Networks Application to Forecasting with Two Cases: Load and Pollution // Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing. Vol.1072. 2020. P.369-378. ISBN (print): 9783030335847. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-33585-4_37 Forecasting problems exist widely in our life. Its purpose is to ...

Теги: deep learning , forecasting , gru , lstm , decision making , intelligent computing , learning algorithms , machine learning , pollution , forecasting modeling , forecasting models , forecasting problems , neural netwo
Energy balancing using charge/discharge storages control and load forecasts in a renewable-energy-based grids

... order to solve these problems the Volterra integral dynamical models are employed. Such models allow to determine the alternating power function for given/forecasted load and generation datasets. In order to efficiently solve this problem, the load forecasting models were proposed using deep learning and support vector regression models. Forecasting models use various features including average daily temperature, load values with time shift and moving averages. Effectiveness of the proposed energy ...

Теги: deep learning. , energy storage , forecasting , integral equations , inverse problem , machine learning , numerical methods , power systems , svm
Russian-Chinese Workshop "Mathematical Modeling of Renewable and Isolated Hybrid Power Systems"

... Muftahov, Prof. Denis Sidorov ESI RAS Integral models for load leveling Ms. Ranran Li, Mr. Aleksei Zhukov, Dr. Fang Liu, Prof. Denis Sidorov, Central South University, Hunan University, ESI RAS T-S Fuzzy Model and PDSRF Model for Wind Speed Short-Term Forecasting Dr. Daniil Panasetsky, Mr. Alexey Osak, ESI RAS Smart Grid projects in Irkutsk Grid Company Dr. Konstantin Suslov, Irkutsk National Research Technical University Expansion Planning of Active Power Supply Systems Prof. Valery Zorkaltsev,...

Теги: power systems mathematical modeling and control , forecasting , isolated hybrid power systems , wind ramp prediction , machine learning
Energy Consumption in the Transport Sector: Trends and Forecast Estimates

... qualitative transformations in the energy sector according to new environmental requirements. The forecast estimates of possible consequences of the adoption of electric vehicles in Russia are given. This paper proposes a methodological approach to forecasting of energy consumption in the transport sector. A general scheme of interrelations between models designed to make forecast of energy demand at the country level is presented with the integration of dynamic macroeconomic model and the simulation ...

Теги: electric car , energy consumption , energy intensity , forecast , longterm trends , motor fuel , perspective , road transport , transport , automotive fuels , electric automobiles , forecasting , freight transportation , roads and streets , electric cars , long-term tre
Distinctive Features of Energy Demand Forecasting in the Non-Manufacturing Sector of the Economy

Gal'Perova E., Mazurova O. Distinctive Features of Energy Demand Forecasting in the Non-Manufacturing Sector of the Economy // 2018 International Multi-Conference on Industrial Engineering and Modern Technologies, FarEastCon 2018. ID: 8602537. 2019. ISBN (print): 9781538695357. DOI: 10.1109/FarEastCon.2018.8602537 ...

Теги: energy demand , households , long-term forecasting , modeling , per capita energy consumption , service industry , economic and social effects , energy management , energy utilization , forecasting , manufacture , models , energy demands , per capita , service industri
Dynamic State Estimation of Electric Power System Integrating Wind Power Generation

Glazunova A. Dynamic State Estimation of Electric Power System Integrating Wind Power Generation // E3S Web of Conferences. Vol.69. ID: 02013. 2018. DOI: 10.1051/e3sconf/20186902013 This paper is concerned with a problem of operation control of the electric power systems integrating wind farms. Dynamic state estimation is used to obtain reliable information about state variables and to promptly forecast the upcoming operating conditions. To predict the state variables, we assume that the wind farms...

Теги: electric power generation , electric power system control , electric power systems , electric power transmission networks , electric utilities , forecasting , state estimation , wind , wind power , active powe


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