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Mathematical Modeling of Plants for the Combined Production of Liquid Hydrocarbons and Electricity Based on Coal

... of gasoline fraction hydrocarbons from methanol obtained at power-engineering plants for the synthesis of methanol from coal are considered. The methods and approaches used in the modeling of hydrocarbon synthesis processes based on the principles of equilibrium thermodynamics and phase separation processes of multifraction mixtures are substantiated and described. Conditions for combining a hydrocarbon synthesis unit with power-engineering plants for the synthesis of methanol from coal are considered....

Теги: coal , gasoline , mathematical modeling , methanol , power-engineering plant , hydrocarbons , phase separation , thermodynamics , economic efficiency , equilibrium thermodynamics , gasoline fractions , hydrocarbon synthesis , liquid hydrocarbons , phase-separation pro
Thermodynamic analysis of environmental problems of energy

... analysis of physicochemical processes in power units and the impact of energy systems on the nature in large territorial regions. The model of extreme intermediate states developed at the Energy Systems Institute based on the principles of classical equilibrium thermodynamics was chosen to devise specific computational methods. The results of the conducted studies are presented and directions for further work are outlined. © 2017 The Authors, published by EDP Sciences. нет

Теги: thermodynamics , ecological analysis , energy systems , environmental problems , equilibrium thermodynamics , further works , model of extreme intermediate state , physicochemical process , thermo dynamic ana


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