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adaptability adequacy analysis analysis and evaluation artificial intelligence balance model biomass biomass gasification carbon containing challenges co-gasification coal coal combustion combinatorial modeling commerce common market comparative efficiencies complex industries computational efficiency control problems control systems critical infrastructure critical infrastructures critical objects decision support decision supports decision trees development of energy system different layers direct current transmissions directed graphs distributed computer systems distributed computing environment dynamic programming dynamic programming principle ecological analysis economic system electric machinery electric power electric power system electric power system interconnection electric power systems electric power transmission networks electricity market elements of concept emergency situation energy conservation energy conversion energy conversion technologies energy cooperation energy efficiency energy management energy optimization energy policy energy resources energy security energy shortages energy system energy systems energy transport environmental efficiency environmental problems equilibrium thermodynamics euro-asian super pool flexibility free st fuel gasification fundamental changes further works g gas gas industry gas pipeline networks gas transportation gases gasification generating compa global energy global energy interconnection heat carriers heat supply systems hierarchical systems industry development integration interconnection internal combustion engines investment projects investments large scale systems learning systems level of detail liquefied natural gas long term process long-term stra machine learning mitigation of emergency consequences model of extreme intermediate state modeling softwares modelling framework monte carlo method multi stage natural natural gas natural gas energy natural gasoline plants northeast asia oil and gas oil and natural gas operational flexibility optimal and suboptimal options of development optimization models oxygen physicochemical process pipeline network pipeline networks power interconnections power markets power system security pricing mechanism primary energy resources proven reserves r random sequences reliability reliability analysis reliability optimization requirements to expansion resilience russian aca russian academy of sciences security problems security threats small scale smart power grids strategic threat support vector machines sustainable energy sustaining power resources synthetic fuels synthetic liquid fuels system state technological sc thermo dynamic ana thermodynamics thermoelectric power plants waste incineration вызовы интеграция критические инфраструктуры элементы кон- цепции энергетические системы

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International Conference of Young Scientists "Energy Systems Research - 2019"

... integrated communications, advanced components, advanced control methods, sensing and measurement, and improved interfaces and decision support. The concept envisages the use of intelligent technologies for the integration of renewable generation into the energy systems. The synthesis of the two major trends in the energy industry provides an undoubted synergetic effect. To promote the developments of power and energy technologies, this conference would focus on the smart grid, microgrid, energy system,...

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