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alternative energy supplies boilers branch-and-bound method calculation formula centralization levels ceramic materials coal gasification coal gasification plants combined cycle power plants combined cycle unit with coal combustion commerce comparative efficiencies competition computer software cost effectiveness cost effectiveness analysis cyclic regenerative ceramic heat exchangers decentralized heating decision making direct current transmissions district energy syst earnings eastern regions eastern siberia economic efficiency efficiency efficiency assessment energy and economic analysis energy balance energy characteristics energy conservation energy efficiency energy efficient technology energy intensity energy policy energy resources energy saving energy sector energy storage energy systems energy technologies energy transport energy-saving measures external conditions f flowcharting fluidized bed combustion fossil fuels fuel and energy ba fuel and energy balance fuel and energy complex fuel and energy resources fuels gree heat load density heat sup heat supply heat supply system hydraulic equipment hydraulic machinery integer programming investments irkutsk region large liquefied natural gas liquid fuels mathematical modeling metering devices methodological approach methods of optimization mixed-integer programming modeling and optimization natural natural gas energy natural resources operating condition optimal systems optimization optimization calculati optimization studies pipelines planning policies and regulations power distribution grid process flows rating remote consumers reversible processes solar heating specific indicators statistical information steam turbines synthetic fuels synthetic liquid fuels thermal load thermal power plants urban growth user interfaces villages and towns zoning иркутская область методический подход нормативно-правовые акты приборы учета распределительный электросетевой комплекс рейтинг система теплоснабжения топливно-энергетические ресурсы топливно-энергетический баланс топливно-энергетический комплекс удельные показатели энергетическая эффективность энергоемкость энергосбережение энергоэкономический анализ энергоэффективность

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Heat Supply of Villages and Towns of Eastern Siberia. Problems and Ways of Development

... Heat Supply of Villages and Towns of Eastern Siberia. Problems and Ways of Development // IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering. Vol.262. No.1. ID: 012081. 2017. DOI: 10.1088/1757-899X/262/1/012081 The ways for improving heat supply energy efficiency in small and medium settlements of Eastern Siberia are considered by the example of Irkutsk oblast. When choosing the energy saving measures, one must take into account a complex system of factors. The dynamics of particular settlements ...

Теги: energy conservation , eastern siberia , energy-saving measures , heat supply , villages and towns , energy efficiency
The optimization problems of CHP operation

Kler A.M., Stepanova E.L., Maximov A.S. The optimization problems of CHP operation // Journal of Physics: Conference Series. Vol.891. No.1. ID: 012215. 2017. DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/891/1/012215 The problem of enhancing energy and economic efficiency of CP is urgent indeed. One of the main methods for solving it is optimization of CP operation. To solve the optimization problems of CP operation, Energy Systems Institute, SB of RAS, has developed a software. The software makes it possible to make...

Теги: computer software , energy efficiency , optimization , steam turbines , user interfaces , economic efficiency , energy characteristics , modeling and optimization , operating condition , optimization calculati
Mathematical modeling and optimization of parameters of coal-fired combined cycle unit with gas-turbine cycle working medium heated in periodic regenerative heat exchangers

... steam parameters; 2) combined cycle units with intra-cycle coal gasification; 3) combined cycle units with coal combustion in pressurized fluidized bed and removal of ash from high-temperature combustion products in ceramic filters. The increase in energy efficiency of steam turbine units with ultra-supercritical steam parameters is limited by the capabilities of metals available in the energy machine building to operate under high temperatures, and the imperfection of Rankine thermodynamic cycle....

Теги: combined cycle unit with coal combustion , cyclic regenerative ceramic heat exchangers , mathematical modeling , optimization studies , ceramic materials , coal gasification , coal gasification plants , competition , energy efficiency , fluidized bed combustion , f
Analysis of trends in the development of cities’ heat supply systems

Stennikov V.A., Mednikova E.E. Analysis of trends in the development of cities’ heat supply systems // Thermal Engineering . Vol.63. No.9. 2016. P.657-665. DOI: 10.1134/S0040601516090068 http://rd.springer.com/article/10.1134%2FS0040601516090068 New challenges—including the modern urban development policy, formation of the market of energy efficient technologies and different types of equipment of a broad power capacity range, tightening requirements to reliability, quality, and economic accessibility...

Теги: efficiency , energy efficiency , hydraulic equipment , planning , thermal load , urban growth , zoning , centralization levels , decentralized heating , energy efficient technology , heat load density , heat sup


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