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Formation of a list of critical facilities in the gas transportation system of Russia in terms of energy security

... 2017. DOI: 10.1016/j.energy.2017.11.063 The paper deals with the formation of a list of critical facilities in Russia's gas transportation system in terms of energy security, and the substantiation of potential ways to minimize the negative effects of emergency situations on operation of these facilities. To date the lists of critical facilities in the energy systems have been formed on the basis of the performance analysis of certain facilities. The paper addresses the problem of identification of ...

Теги: critical facilities , emergency situations , energy security , gas transportation system , gases , transportation , emergency situation , energy systems , gas transportation , oil and gas , performance analysis
Identification of pre-emergency states in the electric power system on the basis of machine learning technologies

... proposes a concept of an intelligent system for early detection of pre-emergency state in electric power system as an option of preventive operation and emergency control. The main goal of such a system is to early warn and prevent dangerous states and emergency situations before they lead to a system blackout. Consideration is given to a construction principle of systems for security monitoring and assessment on the basis of machine learning algorithms. The feasibility of the approach in a proof-of-concept ...

Теги: artificial intelligence , electric power systems , intelligent control , intelligent systems , learning algorithms , learning systems , construction principle , emergency control , emergency situation , emerge


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