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Collaborative Development and Use of Scientific Applications in Orlando Tools: Integration, Delivery, and Deployment

... non-trivial technological sequence of the collaborative development and use of packages including the continuous integration, delivery, deployment, and execution of package modules in a heterogeneous distributed environment that integrates grid and cloud computing. This approach reduces the complexity of the collaborative development and use of packages, and increases software operation predictability through the preliminary detecting and eliminating errors with significant reduction of the correcting ...

Теги: applied software packages , cloud , collaborative computing , continuous integration , delivery , deployment , grid , clouds , computer supported cooperative work , integration , software packages , collaborative development , continuous integrations , development and
Orlando tools: Energy research application development through convergence of grid and cloud computing

Feoktistov A., Gorsky S., Sidorov I., Kostromin R., Edelev A., Massel L. Orlando tools: Energy research application development through convergence of grid and cloud computing // Communications in Computer and Information Science. Vol.965. 2019. P.289-300. ISBN (print): 9783030058067. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-05807-4_25 The paper addresses the relevant problem related to the development of scientific applications ...

Теги: cloud , energy research , grid , scientific application , application programs , cloud computing , clouds , energy security , multi agent systems , distributed applications , distributed computing environment , grid and cloud computing , hybri
Multi-Agent Approach for Dynamic Elasticity of Virtual Machines Provisioning in Heterogeneous Distributed Computing Environment

....1109/HPCS.2018.00145 We address dynamic elasticity issues of VM provisioning in a heterogeneous distributed computing environment that integrates resources of a data center. We consider the scenario when the center includes dedicated resources (private cloud) for providing virtualized service and non-dedicated resources for Grid-computing. Existing platforms for the resource virtualization does not support management of such an infrastructure. We propose an approach to a job management based on the ...

Теги: cloud , grid , multi-agent management , virtual machines , clouds , elasticity , energy security , grid computing , network security , problem solving , scheduling , virtual machine , virtual reality , virtualization , distributed computing environment , multi age


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