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Piecewise linear bounding functions in univariate global optimization

... piecewise linear estimators for bounding univariate functions and show how such estimators can be derived from the function’s algebraic expression. The basic properties of such estimators are formulated and proved. We implemented the algorithms for the automated construction of lower and upper piecewise linear estimators and experimentally compared the proposed approach with the first-order interval bounds, Pijavskij method, and slope arithmetic. Numerical examples demonstrate that the piecewise linear ...

Теги: deterministic methods , estimators , piecewise linear functions , univariate global optimization , global optimization , algebraic expression , automated construction , bounding functions , first-order intervals , global optimization algorithm , objective functions
A Methodological Approach to the Software Development for Heating System Design

... // 2018 International Multi-Conference on Industrial Engineering and Modern Technologies, FarEastCon 2018. ID: 8602533. 2019. ISBN (print): 9781538695357. DOI: 10.1109/FarEastCon.2018.8602533 The paper presents a new methodological approach to the automated construction of software for solving the design problems of heating systems. The methodological approach is based on the Model-Driven Engineering paradigm. The essence of this paradigm is that the software is generated on the basis of formal ...

Теги: heating system design , metaprogramming , methodological approach , model-driven engineering , ontology , automation , computer software , heating , heating equipment , problem solving , systems analysis , automated construction , computer modeling , formal descriptio


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