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Estimation of efficiency of using hydrogen and aluminum as environmentally-friendly energy carriers

The present work is devoted to technical and economic studies of an energy systems based on the hydrogen and aluminum energy carriers. Particular attention is paid to installations for electricity production from aluminum fuel as the least studied component of the described system. A mathematical model is constructed for each studied thermal ...

Теги: hydrogen , aluminum energy carrier , thermal power , energy systems
Раздел: ESI SB RAS
The future energy: Hydrogen versus electricity

Theoretically there can be different ways of the green (carbon-free) energy development aimed at providing sustainable development of humankind in the future, in particular hydrogen economy or electricity economy. In this paper the processes of hydrogen and electricity production, conversion and storage are compared in terms of energy and economic expenditure for each stage of these technologies. The assessment shows that ...

Теги: carbon-free energy technologies , hydrogen , electricity , energy storage , energy cost
Раздел: ESI SB RAS


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