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Международная конференция  «Green Energy and Smart Grids»

Международная конференция «Green Energy and Smart Grids»

Сроки: 29 июля 2018 - 02 августа 2018
Место: Cape Hadartha, Irkutsk, Russia

International Conference “Green Energy and Smart Grids”

                                           29.07.18 - 02.08.18

     The name of the Conference encompasses two key global trends in the development and operation of energy (electricity-, heat-, gas-, oil- and coal supply) systems, and their integration through the control of their interrelated operation at technological and techno-economic levels. 

     The intensive expansion and increasing share of green energy involved in the national energy balances are determined by international agreements aimed at a radical reduction in the greenhouse gas emissions and preservation of the environment. The overwhelming majority of countries have accepted the concept of Smart Grid as a technological platform for the future energy through integrated communications, advanced components, advanced control methods, sensing and measurement, and improved interfaces and decision support. The concept envisages the use of intelligent technologies for the integration of renewable generation into the energy systems. The synthesis of the two major trends in the energy industry provides an undoubted synergetic effect.

     To promote the developments of power and energy technologies, this conference would focus on the smart grid, microgrid, energy system, modernization of power system, advanced metering infrastructure and their various applications. Prospective authors are invited to submit original papers to the conference.

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Conference programm


Conference Topics

- Objective trends in the expansion of energy systems

- Advanced technologies for the development of energy systems

- New properties of the developing energy systems and control requirements

- Integrated energy systems: expansion and control problems

- Regional and global interconnections of energy systems

- Problems of energy supply reliability and power quality in the intelligent energy systems

- Remedial strategies for stability, reliability, sustainability of energy system

- Active energy systems: a concept, methods and tools for establishment and control

- Mathematical and heuristic methods for decision making in the intelligent energy systems

- Information and communication technologies in the intelligent energy systems

- Standards or protocols for development of energy systems

- Intelligent control of renewable power generation systems

- Prediction of renewable energy

- Smart grid and microgrid


     The conference will be held in a picturesque bay on the shore of Lake Baikal. This bay is located about 100 km from the city of Irkutsk and the international airport. Lake Baikal is a unique place on Earth. It is the deepest, oldest and largest lake on the planet. Its fresh, almost distilled water is saturated with oxygen. The lake is full of life from surface to bottom. Baikal is called the "well" of the planet, because about 20% of the world's freshwater is concentrated here.

Local organizing committee

Chairman: Nikolai Voropai, President of MESI SB RAS, Corresponding Member of RAS

Deputy Chairman: Yury Grishin, deputy director of MESI SB RAS, PhD 

Scientific Secretary: Dmitriy Karamov, PhD, MESI SB RAS 

E-mail: dmitriy.karamov@mail.ru                    

Address: 130 Lermontov st., Irkutsk, Russia, 664033, MESI SB RAS (with label “Green Energy and Smart Grids - 2018”)

Programm committee

Co-chairman: Nikolai Voropai, President of MESI SB RAS, Corresponding Member of RAS

Co-chairman: Faa-Jeng Lin, National Central University, Department of Electrical Engineering, Professor

Co-chairman: Valery Stennikov, director of MESI SB RAS, head of Department of Pipeline Energy Systems, Corresponding Member of RAS

Boris Saneev, deputy director of MESI SB RAS, head of Department of Complex and Regional Problems in Energy, Professor

Sergey Senderov, deputy director of MESI SB RAS, head of Department of Energy Security, Professor

Alexander Kler, head of Department of Thermal Power Systems, Professor

Gary Chang, National Chung Cheng University, Department of Electrical Engineering, Professor

Important dates

March 15 - Deadline for abstract submission

March 30 - Notification of abstract acceptance

June 1 - Deadline for final paper (full text) submission; Registration; Hotel booking (via Secretariat)

July 29 - Arrival; Baikal boat trip

July 30 - Registration; Opening of the Conference;

July 30 – August 1 - Conference;

August 2 - Closing of the Conference; Departure

Organization fee (US$)*

Participants 200

Students, postgraduates 100

Accompanying persons 100

* excluding accommodation and meals

Submission of abstract and papers  

Until March 15  the abstracts (no more than two A4 pages) should be e-mailed to Conference Secretariat. The abstracts should include paper title, names of authors, name and address of the organization, key words and text of the abstract. The authors are kindly requested to underline the name of the contact person and specify his/her e-mail address. Notification of the acceptance of abstracts will be e-mailed to the authors on March 30.   

Until June 1 the final paper version should be e-mailed to Conference Secretariat. The papers should be  formatted according to the  IEEE paper submission guidelines. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to select the papers to be published in the international scientific Energy Systems Research journal . http://esrj.ru
Working language of the Conference is English.




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