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Decomposition of power system state estimation problem as a method to tackle cyber attacks

... attacks (CA) on data collection and processing systems. The paper presents a new decomposition approach to solve the SE problem under cyber attack: the calculation network is divided into areas that have a SCADA server and a Wide Area Measurement System (WAMS) concentrator at the center of every area. To detect the CA event and its localization, we propose to use a combination of a-priori and a-posteriori bad data detection (BDD). © 2018 IEEE. нет

Теги: bad data detection , cyber attack , scada , state estimation , wams , computer crime , crime , electric control equipment , electric power system control , electric power systems , embedded systems , network security , problem solving , quality control , wide a
A Reliability Analysis of State Estimation Software Based on SCADA and WAMS

Korkina E.S., Kolosok I.N., Tikhonov A. A Reliability Analysis of State Estimation Software Based on SCADA and WAMS // Energy Systems Research. Vol.1. No.1. 2018. P.100-107. DOI: 10.25729/esr.2018.01.0012 http://esrj.ru/index.php/esr/article/view/2018.01.0012 The procedure of state estimation of electric power system (EPS) remains relevant for control of electric ...

Теги: state estimation , fault tree , scada , wams , reliability of se software.
A fault tree cyber security analysis of power system state estimation software

... (print): 9788055331959. The paper is concerned with the material devoted to the problem of resistance of the state estiamtion (SE) procedure to cyberattacks on the system for collection and processing of PMU measurements, i.e. wide area monitoring system (WAMS), and the SE procedure itself. Based on the analysis of potential cyberattacks, which reveals the most vulnerable WAMS components, we show the conditions for a failure of the SE procedure. The method of fault tree is proposed to describe the consequences ...

Теги: cyberattacks , fault tree , pmu data , power system state estimation , wams , electric power system measurement , electric power system security , phasor measurement units , state estimation , trees (mathematics) , cyber-attacks , estimation procedures , fault tree m


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