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Modeling non-linear load currents by mixture distribution separation

Kovernikova L.I., Van C.L., Fedchishin V.V. Modeling non-linear load currents by mixture distribution separation // Proceedings - 2018 International Conference on Industrial Engineering, Applications and Manufacturing, ICIEAM 2018. ID: 8728851. ISBN (print): 9781538643075. DOI: 10.1109/ICIEAM.2018.8728851 The paper presents an algorithm for modeling the harmonic currents of non-linear loads. Non-linear load models are necessary to plan the non-sinusoidal states in power networks to control the power...

Теги: electric power quality , harmonic parameter analysis , measurements , non-linear load modeling , stochastic process , distribution functions , electric load management , harmonic analysis , measurement , mixtures , power quality , quality control , random processes
Prosumer in the district heating systems: Operating and reliability modeling

... distribution of reliability parameters among components of system, considering the capabilities of the prosumer to supply part of load by their heat sources. The methods and models are suggested to solve this problem. They are based on the theory of random processes, theory of hydraulic circuits and basic laws of cogeneration. The case study results obtained by using the developed methodology are presented. A potential economic benefit and reliability effect of involving the prosumer is demonstrated ...

Теги: bi-level programming , district heating system , heat prosumer , nodal reliability indices , optimal operating , reliability ensuring , district heating , heating equipment , hydraulic equipment , hydraulic machinery , random processes , reliability , optimal operati
Optimization of the reliability of heat supply with an active consumer

... reliability parameters in the system, including taking into account capabilities of an active consumer to replace part of the load with own sources of thermal energy. Methods and models for solving this problem are proposed, which are based on the theory of random processes, the theory of hydraulic circuits, and the basic laws of heating. Results of the computational experiment based on the developed methodical apparatus are presented. The possible economic effect of using an active consumer for solving ...

Теги: computation theory , hydraulic equipment , hydraulic machinery , investments , random processes , reliability , computational experiment , heat supply , heat supply systems , hydraulic circuits , optimal distri


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