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Numerical investigation of the staged gasification of wet wood

Donskoi I.G., Kozlov A.N., Svishchev D.A., Shamanskii V.A. Numerical investigation of the staged gasification of wet wood // Thermal Engineering . Vol.64. No.4. 2017. P.258-264. DOI: 10.1134/S0040601517040024 Gasification of wooden biomass makes it possible to utilize forestry wastes and agricultural residues for generation of heat and power in isolated small-scale power systems. In spite of the availability of a huge amount of cheap biomass, the implementation of the gasification ...

Теги: regime maps , staged gasification , wood biomass. mathematical modeling , agricultural wastes , biomass , combustion , cracking (chemical) , drying , efficiency , pyrolysis , thermodynamic stability , waste incineration , wood , alternative technologies , controlling p


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