Coal industry of mongolia: Resources for advancement

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Sokolov A.D., Takayshvili L.N., Batkhuyag S., Ochirbat P.
Gornyi Zhurnal. Vol.2020. No.2. P.90-94.
Mongolia possesses appreciable high-quality coal reserves for production and export. Mongolia is amongst the world’s top ten coal holders and gains the lead in coal reserves per capita. As a source of energy, coal is the critical fuel type in Mongolia. In back observation, coal made 60 to 80 % in the consumption of primary energy resources. The current condition of the coal industry in Mongolia is reviewed: resource base; coal quality indicators; dynamics of extraction, preparation, utilization and export. The coal reserves and the level of their study are described. The largest fields of coal are characterized. It is shown how the coal export influences the production development and Mongolia’s power on the international coal market. Mongolia can supply coal to the nearest neighbors and in transit through the territory and sea ports of China and Russia to the world market. The prospects of the production and export growth in Mongolia are connected with development of the South Gobi Coal Basin. Among the presented coal mining projects, the most critical are the Tavan Talgoi deposit in the south of Mongolia and the Shivee-Ovoo deposit in the north east. The mining projects for these deposits are elaborated jointly with foreign companies. The projects are aimed at the enlargement of coal output for export and domestic consumption, at coalbed methane recovery and at liquid fuel production. The capabilities of Russia–Mongolia cooperation and joint projects in different lines of advancement in the coal industry in Mongolia are examined. The promising lines of coal utilization in Mongolia are export and coal chemistry. The further growth of the coal industry depends on the extensibility of geological exploration, transportation and production infrastructure as well as domestic and foreign coal markets. In the long run, Mongolia’s coal can stand high on the international market. © 2020, ""Ore and Metals"" Publishing house. All rights reserved.

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Sokolov A.D., Takayshvili L.N., Batkhuyag S., Ochirbat P. Coal industry of mongolia: Resources for advancement // Gornyi Zhurnal. Vol.2020. No.2. 2020. P.90-94. DOI: 10.17580/gzh.2020.02.14


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