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Statute on the Center
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Activity of the Center
of the International Research Center for Energy Infrastructure
"Asia-Energy" (IRCEI "Asia-Energy")

1. General provisions
2. Structure and staff of the Center
3. Goals of the Center
4. Functions of the Center
5. Rights of the Center
6. Responsibility of the Center
7. Interaction of the Center with other institutions

1. General provisions

1.1. International Research Center for Energy Infrastructure "Asia-Energy" (IRCEI "Asia - Energy"), hereinafter referred to as "the Center" is an organization department of the Melentiev's Energy Systems Institute SB RAS, further referred to as "the Institute", and is established to organize and coordinate research of the Russian and foreign scientists. The Center is intended to work out directions and principles for construction of an interstate intersectoral energy infrastructure in the Asia-Pacific region and, first of all, in Northeast Asia.

1.2. In its work the Center is guided by the legal acts of the Russian Federation, normative acts of the Government of the Russian Federation, methodical and instructive documents of federal executive authorities, the Charter of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Charter of the Siberian branch of the RAS, by the resolutions and instructions of the Presidium of the RAS and SB RAS, the Charter of the institute, orders of Director, other normative acts of the Institute and the present Statute.

1.3. Subordination of the Center is determined by distribution of obligations among the Institute's administration

1.4. The Center is administered by the Head appointed and relieved of his position by the Director of the Institute

The Head of the Center ensures manpower deployment and puts forward proposals related to material rewards and disciplinary punishments.

1.5. The work of the Center is organized according to the planning, combination of one-man management in solution of problems related to official activities and collective manner of their discussion, personal responsibility of each employee for their area of work and discharge of individual commissions.

1.6. The Center may have its letterhead paper and its own seal.

2. Structure and staff of the Center

2.1. Structure and manning table of the Center are approved by director in the order established by the Statute, upon their submission by the Center's Head.

3. Goals of the Center

The goals of the Center are:

3.1. Facilitation to the development of international cooperation in the field of energy.

3.2. Interstate coordination of studies, directions and principles of forming international intersectoral energy infrastructure.

3.3. Strengthening of applied orientation of researches in the field of energy.

3.4. Increase of scientific substantiation and facilitation to the projects on creation of interstate fuel and energy ties, complexes and interconnections.

3.5. Preparation of specialists and popularization of knowledge on energy research.

4. Functions of the Center

According to the tasks allotted to the Center it performs the following functions:

4.1. Development of principles for formation of international intersectoral energy infrastructure.

4.2. Development of methodology, tools and mechanisms for implementation of international programs on energy supply.

4.3. Scientific substantiation of activity, development of strategies and perspective research programs for creation and development of interstate fuel and energy ties, complexes and interconnections.

4.4. Analysis of research works on formation of energy infrastructure.

4.5. Implementation of joint international research projects.

4.6. Expertise of energy projects.

4.7. Establishment and development of ties with national and international organizations to exchange experience and consider promising proposals.

4.8. Coordination of research work on formation of energy infrastructure.

4.9. Development and generalization of proposals on development of energy infrastructure and their submission to the federal and regional authorities and companies that take part in development of the projects on fuel and energy transport.

4.10. Facilitation in making coordinated decisions that meet the federal and regional interests as well as the interests of the companies participating in the implementation of projects on interstate ties.

4.11. Assistance to the organizations concerned in development and introduction of advanced methods and techniques for energy studies.

4.12. Application of the Center's members to the national and international organizations for financial support for the studies.

4.13. Organization of international conferences, workshops, symposia, exhibitions on the problems of energy infrastructure.

4.14. Information and publication activity in printed and electronic media and information networks.

4.15. Organization of educational activity.

4.16. Organization of specialist exchange including exchange within the framework of preparing students, post graduates and doctorants,

5. Rights of the Center

The rights of the Center are exercised by its Head .

The Center has the right to:

Hold meetings, workshops, conferences and other organizational events on the issues related to the activity of the Center.

Ask the departments of the Institute to provide the Center with the documents and data required to perform the tasks allotted to the Center

Put forward proposals to solve the problems related to the Center's competence.

Train highly qualified personnel in the field of energy.

Exchange information with external national and international organizations, receive and transfer the objects of intellectual property and research tools on gratuitous and onerous basis.

. Arrange national and international organizations' support to the joint research and organizational projects implemented by the Center.

6. Center's responsibility

6.1. The Center is responsible for:

  • Performing the functions established by the present Statute and organization of events stipulated by the work plan of the Center;
  • Submitting reports timely and reliably;
  • Choosing and scientifically assessing the projects proposed to the Center to be supported;
  • Forming international research groups;
  • Considering and approving reports on the completed projects.

6.2. All the responsibility for quality and timeliness of the tasks and functions allotted to the Center by the present Statute is borne by the Head of the Center.

6.3. The extent of responsibility of the other employees in the Center is established by the position description

7. Interaction of the Center with the other departments

7.1. The Center interacts with:

  • all the other organization departments - on any issues related to the competence of the Center;
  • the legal department - on legal issues related to the preparation of the legal documentation, application of the law;
  • the personnel department - on the issues related to selection, acceptance, dismissal, improvement of qualification and manpower deployment in the Center;
  • the logistics department - on the issues related to providing office appliances, letterhead papers, etc.;
  • the information-computation network department - on the issues of operation and support of computer-aided information systems;
  • the financial departments - on the issues of financing, salary.
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