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Major results of research activity

A stage of the joint work between the Institutes of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Mongolia on assessing the possibilities and perspectives of using geothermal waters in the Mongolia-Baikal region for heat and hot water supply was implemented. Preliminary recommendations on construction and operation conditions of plants in the region were developed, including:

  • Options of using geothermal heat for heat supply by means of heat pump systems (Fig.1).
  • Scheme of combined heat supply to the areas with high wind potential (Fig.2.) on the basis of geothermal resources (to cover basic heat loads) and wind resources (to cover peak loads).

Fig.1. A schematic diagram of heat production using heat pumps:
A - a electric motor driven vapor compression heat pump; B - a vapor compression heat pump with a drive from the internal combustion engine (ICE) and ICE waste heat utilization; C - a single - stage absorption heat pump. Qh - heat released at fuel combustion; Ql - heat losses; Qlp - heat of low potential source; Qe - emission heat; Qc - heat received by consumers; Ne - electric power used for heat pump operation.

Fig.2. Wind and geothermal heat supply system; WPP - wind power plants; EH - electrical heater

Research and organizational activity: Organization of international events

Publication of the Proceedings of the 5th International Conference "Asian Energy Cooperation: Mechanisms, Risks, Barriers (AEC-2006)" held in 2006 in Yakutsk (Fig. 3).

Implementation of the first stage of preparation for the 6th International Conference "Asian Energy Cooperation: Forecasts and Realities (AEC-2008)" to be held in September 2008 in Irkutsk within framework of Baikal Economic Forum (Fig. 4)

Fig. 3. Conference AEC-2006:
Proceedings cover

Fig. 4. Conference AEC-2008:
Title page of the Call for Papers.

Publications and Reports: Monographs

Asian Energy Cooperation: Mechanisms, Risks, Barriers Asian Energy Cooperation: Mechanisms, Risks, Barriers // Proceedings of the International Conference. (June 27-29, 2006, Yakutsk, Russia). Edited by N. I. Voropai and D. N. Efimov. - Irkutsk: Energy Systems Institute, 2007. - 220 p. ISBN 978-5-93908-051-4.

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