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IRCEI is an International research center in the form of an open laboratory organized at Melentiev Energy Systems Institute of SB RAS for arrangement and coordination of studies by the Russian and foreign scientists to determine the trends and principles in formation of the interstate interbranch energy infrastructure in the Asia-Pacific region and primarily in Northeast Asia.

Research activity

In 2005 the Center on the base of the contract with JSC "Energosetprojekt" carried out the research work "The comprehensive feasibility analysis of the options of electricity export from Russia to China". It comprised development, comparison and choice of the options of large-scale electricity export from IPSs of Siberia and East (as well as the estimated costs on construction of generation and network facilities and the exported electricity price level), assessment of system benefits for UPS of Russia (with regard to uncertainty of initial information) and also the analysis of power supply risks and reliability.

Reception of foreign scientists

In August 2005 the Center received the delegation of Central China Grid Company and Technology Center at this company. During the visit the Center was provided with information on the state, problems and prospects in development of the company and the trends in studies of Technology Center. MESI presented the latest results of studies in the area of power quality, planning of development, methods for determination of weak points and the calculations of power system stability, diagnostics of the EPS equipment state. The prospects for collaboration were outlined in the areas of principles of work, design and operation of AC/DC HV and UHV transmission lines and electric networks, prevention and liquidation of system emergencies. In November 2005 the tripartite Agreement on collaboration was signed based on the results of visit of the Chinese delegation.

Organization of international events

In 2005 the Center took an active part in preparation of the International Conference 2005 IEEE St. Petersburg PowerTech held in June 2005 in St. Petersburg. Above 500 papers were presented at the Conference that dealt with the problems on EPS development and operation in a market environment, system services under deregulation, integration of distributed generation in EPS, renewable energy sources, energy restructuring, creation of the interstate interconnections, etc. Thanks to the work done by the Center the studies of the scientists from the Asian countries were represented widely enough (the papers were presented by scientists from 12 Asian countries; the representatives from Japan, South Korea and Iran showed the highest activity and interest).

Since the autumn of 2005 the Center started work on holding the Joint International Conference (the 5th International Conference "Asian Energy Cooperation: Mechanisms, Risks, Barriers" and the International Conference "Eastern Vector of the Energy Policy of Russia"), including specification of the theme, coordination of time and venue. It was agreed to hold the Conference in Yakutsk on July 18-22, 2006.

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