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IRCEI is an International research center in the form of an open laboratory that was established at Melentiev Energy Systems Institute of SB RAS for arrangement and coordination of studies by the Russian and foreign scientists to determine trends and principles in formation of the interstate interbranch energy infrastructure in the Asia-Pacific region and primarily in Northeast Asia.

Organizational activity

Holding Conferences and Workshops

In 2004 ESI and the Center held (on September 13-17, in the Irkutsk area) the 4th International Conference "Asian Energy Cooperation: Interstate Infrastructure and Energy Markets" within the framework of the 3rd Baikal Economic Forum (AEC-2004).

The main goal of the Conference was to contribute to joining the efforts of scientists and experts in the Asian region on energy cooperation in Asia to solve problems concerning creation of the Asian energy infrastructure and operation of energy markets in the region. Creation of the common infrastructure was necessitated by uneven allocation of consumers and producers of energy resources in the region, which requires transport of resources and exchange of energy. Creation of the energy infrastructure (electric power, natural gas, oil, etc.) in the region will serve to decrease the cost of energy resources for consumers, improve energy supply reliability and will also facilitate solution of environmental problems.

The Center fully coordinated preparation and holding of the Conference, in particular shaping of the topics, numerous advertisements for potential participants and sponsors, specification of scientific orientation, personal interaction with participants, sponsors and mass media on scientific, financial and PR aspects, organization and visa support of visits, organizational, technical, informational and social provision of meetings, accommodation, scientific and cultural programs, publication of the Conference Proceedings.

The Conference gathered 92 representatives of research, administrative and business circles from 32 organizations of six countries (Russia, Austria, Germany, Korea, Mongolia). The Russian participants were from Irkutsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Zelenogorsk, Tyumen, Kemerovo, Novosibirsk, Yakutsk, Khabarovsk. The participants heard and discussed 35 reports out of 47 that were submitted.

In 2004 the Conference Proceedings were published in English (Asian Energy Cooperation: Interstate Infrastructure and Energy Markets // Proceedings of the International Conference (September 13-17, 2004, Irkutsk, Russia). Edited by N.I.Voropai and D.N.Efimov. - Irkutsk: Energy Systems Institute, 2004. - 362 p.).

Advertisements on the Conference tasks and contents of the key papers were published in the Journal ELEKTRO-INFO (นน 4, 7 and 8, 2004), on the web-sites TELEINFORM and SNEWS, in the newspapers "Vostochno-Sibirskaya Pravda" and "Istok".

The Conference work was widely covered in the newspapers "Vostochno-Sibirskaya Pravda" and "Kommersant" and also by the agency INTERFAX.

The papers and discussions of the Conference encompassed the following subjects:

  • Fundamental principles of energy cooperation development on the Eurasian continent;
  • Prospects, trends and problems of the energy cooperation between Russia and the Northeast-Asia countries;
  • The role of regions in primary energy export and mechanisms of their participation in implementation of oil/gas programs;
  • Options of the Russian gas export to South Korea;
  • Transmission line Russia - Korea as a first step to creation of the Asian energy superpool;
  • Competitiveness of small- and medium-size nuclear power plants;
  • Game approaches to determination of the volumes of investments and interstate energy exchanges.

The discussions revealed an essential difference in opinions of the Russian researchers and experts in implementation of and investment in the gas projects of the East of Russia. The parties could not arrive at a common opinion. Meanwhile, the issues of exporting the electricity and energy resources from Russia are highly topical for the Northeast-Asia countries. In the lobby interviews the Korean representatives made a request to organize a special visit of a group of Korean experts to ESI to discuss the possibilities of joint studies in this area. The visit took place in October 2004.

The authors of 12 papers could not participate in the Conference because of different reasons. The most significant of them were the following:

  • Faults in organization of the Baikal Economic Forum resulting in absence of representatives from Japan;
  • Unavailability of the sponsor support of some visits resulting in absence of representatives from North Korea and Vietnam;
  • Coincidence in time of the conference in Irkutsk and the conference in China on the similar theme resulting in absence of representatives from China.

In this context in preparation of the next conference account will be taken of the expediency to hold it within the framework of the regular Baikal Forum (which limits the choice of dates for the conference and complicates accommodation of participants) and possibilities for the target financial support of representatives from North Korea

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