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  1. From 2002 to 2005 the project "Preliminary studies on EPS integration within the Northeast-Asia countries" (NIAREST) was implemented in South Korea. The studies were performed by the Korean research institutions with participation of Melentiev Energy Systems Institute of SB RAS (ESI), IRCEI under the direction of the Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute (KERI).

    During the project implementation the scenarios of EPS integration within the Northeast-Asia countries (NEA), including Russia, the countries of Korean Peninsula (South and North Korea), China, Mongolia and Japan were generated and analyzed. The methodology of feasibility studies on formation of electric power systems and interstate electric ties (ISET) in NEA was developed. The database for feasibility studies on the project was created. Besides the potential of electric power export from the East of Russia to NEA countries was estimated for a future time horizon.

    The results of works performed jointly with the researchers from ESI were used as a base for preparation and presentation of reports at the 1st and 2nd International Symposiums (South Korea, 2003, 2005) (ppt),), at the International Conference "Asian Energy Cooperation: Interstate Infrastructure and Energy markets" (AEC-2004), Irkutsk, September 13-17, 2004 (pdf).

  2. By the contract of Melentiev Energy Systems Institute of SB RAS with Central China Grid International Economic & Trade Co., Ltd. and Technology Center of Central China Grid Company, Ltd. with participation of the International Research Center of Energy Infrastructure "Asia-Energy" two projects were implemented in 2006:

    • "Analysis of low-frequency oscillations in electric power system and development of proposals on their prevention"

      The results include analysis of the shape of low-frequency oscillations (LFOs) based on the results of in-situ measurements, modeling of LFOs, analysis of change in the operating parameters of LFOs, measures on LFO prevention and suppression.

    • "Analysis and prevention of emergencies in electric power systems"..

      The results contain classification of system emergencies and blackouts, assessment of their impacts on consumers and power systems, examples and analysis of heavy emergencies in the world's power systems, generalization of the scheme of emergency occurrence and cascading development, examples and generalization of emergency control systems (ECS) in different countries, formulation and methods for solving the emergency control problems in a market environment, proposals concerning ECS development on the base of advanced technologies

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