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Department of Pipeline Energy Systems #50

... Methods for coordination of decisions taken in individual sectors of the economy and the energy sector. Information and computational bases for studies, solution of the problems on development, management of operation and dispatching control of different pipeline systems including the Unified Gas Supply System, systems of main gas pipelines, water supply, heat supply and the heat economy of Russia and its regions. Databases, complexes of dialog software, work stations and other program packages. Applied ...

Теги: pipeline systems , heat supply
Раздел: ESI SB RAS
SKOLTECH Project: Information-computation technologies for the analysis and provision of identifiability and controllability of energy pipeline systems, 2015-2017

The goal of the project is to develop a methodology and information- computation technologies to analyze and ensure the identifiability and controllability of pipeline systems as a necessary condition to make the systems intelligent. Project Summary The main problem dealt with in the project arises due to the absence of common methods practically applicable for quantitative analysis and justification of ...

Теги: pipeline systems , information technologies
Раздел: ESI SB RAS


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