Problems of Critical Infrastructures: energy systems institute has held an international research conference in Saint-Petersburg

July 15, 2015
International Association “International Institute for Critical Infrastructures” (CRIS) was founded in the late 1990s as a platform for cooperation between the representatives of academia and industry dealing with the problems of critical infrastructures (electric power, pipeline, communication, transport, and other systems, as well as computer networks) in order to share experience and harmoniously integrate these technologies.
CRIS organizes technical conferences on topics related to critical infrastructures. Such conferences have already been held in Beijing (China), Alexandria (USA), Linköping (Sweden), Hanoi (Vietnam), and Berlin (Germany). CRIS also organizes workshops with invited participants on specific topics. Such workshops have taken place in Sweden, France, the USA, Germany, India, and Cyprus.
The 6th regular CRIS International Conference “Problems of Critical Infrastructures” was held on June 25-27, 2015 in Saint Petersburg, Russia jointly with the 6th International Conference “Liberalization and Modernization of Electric Power Systems”, which was organized in 2000 and has been held once every three years.

Organizers of the joint conference
- Energy Systems Institute, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences
- St. Petersburg Energy Institute of Advanced Training, Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation

The joint conference was held with the technical support of IEEE PES German Chapter, IEEE PES Russian (Siberian) Chapter, Universities of Dortmund and Magdeburg, Germany, and Fraunhofer Institute, Magdeburg, Germany.
22 presentations were made at the conference by the researchers from Russia, Germany, the USA, Vietnam, and Belarus. The presentations are devoted to three up-to-date lines of energy research:
1) Reliability of energy systems (especially in the case of cascading failures) and integrated energy systems; principles and means of ensuring reliability;
2) Cyber security in energy systems as an essential component in the comprehensive consideration of reliability of technological and information and communication subsystems;
3) Rationale for the development of infrastructure energy systems and their operation control.
List of papers presented at the conference (each paper can be downloaded from the link):


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