Skoltech Open Lecture 2016

April 15, 2016
Open lecture "Combined cooling, heat and power systems operation planning: Mixed Integer Linear Programming-MILP model" will be held at the ESI SB RAS on April 20, 2016 . The lecturer is Aldo Bischi, Professor of the Energy System Center of Skoltech.
Combined Cooling, Heat and Power (CCHP) generation is an effective way to reduce primary energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Such systems make rational use of primary energy generating simultaneously heat, electric/mechanical power and refrigeration effect.
Several types of prime movers are suitable for cogenerative applications, ranging from microturbines to gas-steam turbine combined cycles. They can have more than one independent operative variable, highly nonlinear performance curves describing their off-design behavior, limitations or penalizations affecting their start-up/shut-down operations. The CCHP units may also depend on ambient temperature and may be integrated with heat pumps, renewable energy sources as well as heat and cooling load storage. In addition national and European Union incentive policies come into play.
Due to the large number of decision variables and the necessity of determining trade-off solutions, the operation planning of CCHP plants, with several units, requires the development of specific optimization tools. The Seminar will give an overview of how these challenges have been tackled developing a Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) model by means of piecewise linearization of Non-Linear problems. The presented work has been carried on by a joint effort of Politecnico di Milano Groups of Energy Conversion Systems - GECOS and Operations Research.


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