Innovations for Russian energy sector in cooperation with Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology

October 22, 2014

Janusz Bialek, Director of the Skoltech Center for Energy Systems, a well-known British expert in smart and renewable energy visited Irkutsk on October 20-21. The main aim of his visit was to get acquainted with the achievements of Irkutsk researchers and discuss the lines of further collaboration.

It is worth noting that Energy Systems Institute SB RAS won an open competition organized by Skolkovo Foundation and is now the main Russian organization involved in the energy research conducted by Skoltech. Apart from the implementation of advanced educational programs, Skoltech is aimed at integrating the best world fundamental and applied developments, and tailoring them to Russia’s conditions. In 2014, under a tentative agreement with Skoltech, the researchers of Energy Systems Institute have actively worked on the concept of integrated intelligent energy systems to ensure the interconnected operation of heat, power, and gas supply systems. Another more ambitious and challenging goal of the work is to study the prospects for the integration at a higher level through an interstate power interconnection in Northeast Asian countries. It has to be mentioned that these studies are just a launch pad for the implementation of the main large-scale 5-year project. The agreement on this project was eventually signed at the end of September.

During his two-day visit to Energy Systems Institute, Professor Janusz Bialek had a tight schedule. First, the Professor made a presentation about the main goals of the Skoltech Center for Energy Systems and directions in its work. In the presentation he pointed out four main thrusts which have become the focus of the present-day scientific and technological development of the Russian energy sector:

1. Smart and Resilient Grids

aimed at expanding the distributed control and management systems, smart active-adaptive grid

Grand Challenges:

– Improve the emergency control systems;

− Develop microgrids (multi-domain modeling, simulation and control algorithms);

− Integrate renewable energy sources.

2. Energy Markets and Regulation

aimed at improving the efficiency of the markets

Grand Challenges:

– Incentivize the modernization of the power generation fleet (capacity market)

– Develop integrated pricing mechanism of electricity and heat.

– Promote energy conservation and sustainability

– Develop an effective Demand Side Response

3. Coupled Energy Infrastructures (electricity, gas, and heat)

aimed at improving the joint efficiency and reliability of interdependent energy infrastructures (power, gas & heat)

Grand Challenges:

– Optimize operation

− Develop global interconnection projects:

• Far East Asia energy ring

• Global Grid

4. Power Electronics and Devices

aimed at improving the efficiency, reliability and resilience of power generation, conversion and supply

Grand Challenges:

– Ultra-efficient power electronics conversion

– Non-intrusive power use monitoring

– Cyber-security: architecture and circuits for secure computation on grid data

– Generation: improved systems for waste heat recovery, associated gas utilization, flue gas leaning and energy recuperation.

Professor Janusz Bialek familiarized himself with the subject of studies conducted at the institute and participated in a two-day scientific marathon, which consisted of the workshops run by the researchers from the main departments of the institute. Mathematicians, power engineers, and IT-specialists shared their opinions and discussed the directions of current and upcoming research projects in detail.

Also, Professor Janusz Bialek took part in a meeting with young researchers of the institute, who were particularly interested to hear a fresh perspective on the considered problems. The participants vigorously discussed the main world energy trends (the discussion was held in English).

Skoltech offers the opportunity for students, graduates, and postdoctoral students to get involved in advanced studies on Russian energy problems and work with the colleagues from other countries.

The presentation by professor Janusz Bialek can be downloaded by following the link below.

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