Leading experts of our Institute took part in a major International Conference on Electric Power System Problems IEEE Power Tech – 2015

July 14, 2015

The International Conference on Electric Power System Problems IEEE Power Tech, the main conference of Region 8 (Europe, Africa, and Middle East) IEEE PES (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Power and Energy Society), took place in Eindhoven (the Netherlands) on June 28 – July 2, 2015.

IEEE is an international association of electrical and electronics engineers. More than 600 people participated in the conference and about 550 presentations were given.

A delegation from Energy Systems Institute SB RAS consisting of: N.I. Voropai, corresponding member of RAS; I.I. Golub, D.Sc.; V.G. Kurbatsky, D.Sc.; A.M. Glazunova, PhD; D.A. Panasetsky, PhD; and P.S. Drachev, junior researcher took part in the conference.

The following presentations were made by the researchers of Energy Systems Institute SB RAS:

- D.A. Panasetsky. A Random Forest-Based Approach for Voltage Security Monitoring in a Power System (co-authored by M. Negnevitsky, N.V. Tomin, V.G. Kurbatsky, C. Rehtanz, A. Zhukov);

- V.G. Kurbatsky. Development of Software for Modeling Decentralized Intelligent Systems for Security Monitoring and Control in Power Systems (co-authored by D.A. Panasetsky D., N.V. Tomin, A. Zhukov, V.G. Kurbatsky, N.I. Voropai, D. Sidorov);

- A.M. Glazunova. Actions Generation for Online Power System Control (co-authored by E.S. Aksaeva);

- I.I. Golub. Approach to Choice of Controls for Probabilistic Constrained Load Flow in the Electric Power System (co-authored by O.N. Voitov, E.V. Boloev);

- P.S. Drachev. Improvement of methods for long‐term transmission systems expansion in current conditions (co-authored by V.V. Trufanov);

- D.A. Panasetsky. On the Problem of Shunt Reactor Tripping during Single‐ and Three‐Phase Auto‐ Reclosing (co-authored by A.B. Osak).

Moreover, K.V. Suslov, associate professor of Irkutsk National Research Technical University made a presentation “Smart Grid: Algorithms for Control of Active‐ Adaptive Network Components” (co-authored by S.V. Solodusha (Energy Systems Institute) and D.O. Gerasimov (INRTU)).

All the presentations aroused interest. Follow-up questions were asked.

N.I. Voropai, corresponding member of RAS took part in the meeting of the International Steering Committee (ISC).


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