Call for abstracts - International conference "ENERGY-21: Sustainable Development & Smart Management"

November 22, 2019

The conference opens a comprehensive discussion of the fundamental problems of sustainable energy development in the world and regions. The conference is expected to participate with plenary and in-session reports of leading world scientists and specialists in the field of energy.

The main topics:

  • Sustainable energy development
  • International energy cooperation
  • Energy security
  • Energy markets
  • Energy policy
  • Energy Systems control and management
  • Intelligent energy, cybersecurity
  • Integrated electricity, heat and gas supply systems
  • Reliability and quality of power supply
  • Environmental energy issues
  • Innovative energy technologies, renewable energy sources, hydrogen energy and etc.
  • System analysis, mathematical modeling, computational methods and information technology in the energy

The working languages ​​of the conference are English and (or) Russian. During the conference, simultaneous translation from one language to another will be provided.

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