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2nd International Workshop on Mathematical Modeling of Smart Energy and Power Systems

2nd International Workshop on Mathematical Modeling of Smart Energy and Power Systems

Сроки: 20 июня 2019 - 23 июня 2019
Место: Changsha, China

The increasing partition of renewable energy sources in the electricity distribution has led to a principal re-thinking of the operation of the power grid, posing many fundamental mathematical and engineering problems. Development of advanced highly reliable isolated hybrid systems such as shipboard power system requires solution of various direct and inverse problems using the state of the art models. Workshop brings together theoreticians and practitioners to help bridge the gap between theory and practice and to share the experience in the challenging research fields gained by networks of excellence of Hunan University, Melentiev Energy Systems Institute SB RAS, Hohai University, Irkutsk National Technical University and others.

Program Committee 

  • Prof. Yijia Cao, Hunan University, Chair

  • Acad. Nikolai Voropai, ESI RAS, Honorary Chair

  • Prof. Yong Li, Hunan University, General Chair

  • Prof. Denis Sidorov, ESI RAS, General Chair

  • Prof. Ping Ju, Hohai University, Honorary Chair

  • Prof. Fen Wu, Hohai University

 Organising Committee

  • Dr. Yi Tan 

  • Dr Aliona Dreglea

  • Dr. Daniil Panasetsky 

  • Mr. Changfeng Liao


  • HunanUniversity

  • Melentiev Energy Systems Institute, SB of Russian Academy ofSciences

  • Changsha University of Science and Technology

  • Central South University

  • Hohai University

  • China Agriculture University

  • Irkutsk National Technical University Irkutsk State University

  • Ministry of Education of China

  • State Administration of Foreign Affairs

Important dates

  • 1st information letter: 25 February 2019           

  • Abstracts submission: 31 May 2019         

  • Acceptance: 6 June 2019

  • 2nd information letter: 20 June 2019                            

  • Preliminary program: 15 June 2019

  • Workshop: 20-23 June 2019 

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